• Future Prospects: Mabel P. Garza Interview
    Future Prospects: Mabel P. Garza Interview

    Just about anything is possible these days thanks to social media. For me, this interview would have never been possible without social media and a little bit of networking. I am a m...

  • Harrow County #6
    Harrow County #6

    If you're not reading Harrow County yet, it's probably not too late to catch up, but let me add, WHY THE HELL NOT?! It's October, Halloween is fast approaching and this book will...

  • Review: Paper Girls #1
    Review: Paper Girls #1

    It happened again. I walked into my LCS this week and headed for my locker (where my weekly pulls go) and along the way I pass the table with the new releases, and there it wa...

  • Words with Dale
    Words with Dale

    FEAR THE NIGHT…. AND THE SPINNER-RACKS For the longest time, comics were seen as stuff for the kids, not really anything to be taken serious by ‘grown-ups.’ I’m fairly...

  • Advance Review: Dragons and Warriors #0
    Advance Review: Dragons and Warriors #0

    For the past few months whenever I would call up my buddy Tim Morse to talk about my latest comic find or purchase the conversation would turn to his pet project, Dragons & Warri...

  • Creators Join SMC Staff to Pick the Best Comics of 2014
    Creators Join SMC Staff to Pick the Best Comics of 2014

    2014 was a great year for comics and it would be a shame if we didn't give it a proper send off by highlighting the best. To give us a hand, we've invited our comic making friends ...

  • Review: Propeller #1
    Review: Propeller #1

    When you only read comics produced by Marvel and DC, you are almost conditioned to expect the work to function in a certain way. There’s a formula to the narrative arc, a structure...

  • Review: Silver, Vol. 1
    Review: Silver, Vol. 1

    Stephan Franck has already done quite a bit during a successful animation career. He co-created the Nicktoons’ Corneil and Bernie. He worked on films such as a Space Jam, The Iron ...

  • Review: The Undoubtables
    Review: The Undoubtables

    The Undoubtables is a new graphic novel written by Wes Locher with art from Emre Ozdamarlar and published by Markosia. ...

  • Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #9
    Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #9

    In serial storytelling there is almost always a span of time following a major earth-shaking event where the logical question is “what’s next?” How does a writer move on and ke...

  • Crowd Funding Flash: Sapphire Comics
    Crowd Funding Flash: Sapphire Comics

    Patrick Pinto (aka @RedHoodWing) recently contacted me on Twitter to tell me about an amazing Indiegogo campaign that he has started to try and fund a comic book store in his native ...

  • Review: Terrible Lizard #1
    Review: Terrible Lizard #1

    Terrible Lizard #1 is the first in a 5 issue mini series from our friends at Oni Press, written by industry favorite Cullen Bunn with art by Drew Moss. ...

  • Pricing Your Comic Finds
    Pricing Your Comic Finds

    My friend, and blog editor, Chip Reece knows that I buy and sell comics on the side to make some extra cash and to put books in my collection. He suggested that I write an article ab...

  • Review: Man From Space OGN
    Review: Man From Space OGN

    Man from Space is an original graphic novel by cartoonist Marc Jackson and published by Markosia Publishing. Released in September 2014, this original graphic novel contains a coll...

  • Review: Memetic #1
    Review: Memetic #1

    Memetic #1 is the first issue in a new limited series from the minds of James Tynion IV & Eryk Donovan at Boom Studios.  The book focuses on an internet meme known as the ...

  • A Trio of Horror Reviews for Halloween
    A Trio of Horror Reviews for Halloween

    With the spooky season almost upon us, now is a better time than any to take a look at a few horror based titles to help fill out your Halloween reading list. ...

  • Review: Southern Bastards #5
    Review: Southern Bastards #5

    Southern Bastards is arguably one of the best new series this year. Jason Aaron and Jason Latour  get back to their Southern roots as they head to the fictional Craw County, AL, ...

  • It's All In The Trades: The Deep: Here Be Dragons
    It's All In The Trades: The Deep: Here Be Dragons

    With Tom Taylor's amazing run on Earth 2 for DC Comics coming to an end recently and with the impending release of the highly anticipated Superior Iron Man for Marvel Comics, I tho...

  • Review: The Flash #35
    Review: The Flash #35

    Comics are at their best when a story evolves naturally from the artistic endeavors of the creators, when the story’s tension builds through character actions, when the climax thro...

  • Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1
    Review: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1

    Following on from the success of the 2013 series Afterlife with Archie, Archie Comics are continuing their re-invention of classic characters by tackling another much loved franchis...

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Metaphase Preview by Chip Reece
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Metaphase Preview by Chip Reece
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Metaphase Preview

An original comic from one of our own, Chip Reece.

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To celebrate our 10th year we got Jim Lawson, ye that Jim Lawson, the artist of The Teenate Mutant Ninja Turtles, to do an original artwork called "The Improbable Trike #181". The Improbable Trike is a parody of the infamous Incredible Hulk #181. Check out this poster and shirt featuring the artwork and you can find more products at our shop. We will be adding more products and variants, but don't wait, go grab some merch.

The Improbable Trike by Jim Lawson Print/Poster
The Improbable Trike by Jim Lawson Female Shirt v2
Defenders of the Earth #4 (1987)

Defenders of the Earth #4 (1987)

Mandrake the Magician is the focus of this, the final issue of Defenders of the Earth. When Mandrake attempts to train his apprentice Kshin, the mage accidentally frees a forgotten...

Defenders of the Earth #2 (1987)

Defenders of the Earth #2 (1987)

Once again, the Phantom is grossly underused. He appears in the first act. But it's not until the third and final part of this story does he finally talk as well as spring into action. This ...

Defenders of the Earth #1 (1987)

Defenders of the Earth #1 (1987)

This was an enjoyable blast from the past. Having Stan Lee as writer for the first issue was a pleasant surprise. The artwork by Alex Suviuk was beautiful and the story itself was very goo...

Action Comics #1000 (2018)

Action Comics #1000 (2018)

So I indulged myself and bought three covers, 1930's by Steve Rude, 1960's by Mike Allred, and 1970's by Jim Steranko; I'm happy I got them at discount so it's cool. But you can't judge a co...

Skyward #1 (2018)

Skyward #1 (2018)

I really enjoyed this comic. Lee Garbett has never looked better and I love how Fabela colors him. In addition, I love the whimsical tone of the story with the lead being playful amidst pret...

Lazarus #27 (2018)

Lazarus #27 (2018)

This was a really fun issue. We finally find out about what happened to Jonah when he jumped into the sea. I just love how Rucka is able to weave in new characters and after 20 pages I feel ...

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe Omnibus #HC (2013)

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe Omnibus #HC (2013)

Weakness is a big flaw in most of these characters. DC's characters are known to be sources of limitless power and resolve. The Marvel characters fathered by Stan Lee had weaknesses to which...

Power of Shazam #TP (1994)

Power of Shazam #TP (1994)

There was a couple of plot holes in this story. But overall it was a great adventure. Visually stunning, I haven't seen such masterful paintings in comics since Alex Ross' MARVELS. I loved...

Spider-Man #1 (1990)

Spider-Man #1 (1990)

pretty great. epic and fun to read i think. it was extraordinary.

Hungry Ghosts #3 (2018)

Hungry Ghosts #3 (2018)

I read the first issue in this series and was excited to get the one with Paul Pope on it. This issue was pretty disgusting, which took away points, but the Paul Pope art was amazing. My fav...

Jessica Jones #18 (2018)

Jessica Jones #18 (2018)

Nice ending to Bendis's last Jessica Jones issue. There were some parts that I didn't get, probably because the last issue I read from this run was from #2.

Damnation: Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider #1 (2018)

Damnation: Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider #1 (2018)

Fun story about Johnny Blaze and the Ghost Rider kicking butt in hell.