4 comic book websites I wish I knew about 2 years ago.
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The internet is huge! Oh my god it’s huge! Do you know how huge the internet is? It’s like, really big, man.

So sometimes when trying to navigate the information super highway (I’m old so I remember when folks used to call it that) well traffic gets congested. In my travels though I’ve found some very cool comic book related websites which I found were either helpful, interesting or just entertaining. So here’s hoping this short list will save you time or introduce you to something you had not come across before.

#4: The Comic Book Page. I had read John Mayo’s very intelligent sales reports at The Beat blog but had never visited his home base. He and his friend Bob Bretall have amassed huge collections of comic books and consequently a vast and far reaching knowledge of comic books. Focusing mostly on podcasts about back issues, sales reports and many other subjects there’s plenty to keep fans of comics busy on this website.

#3: DCUwiki.net as obvious as it may have seemed, I simply could not find a reliable and thorough chronology of DC characters that was easy to navigate and simple to use before I found this website. You can even navigate DCU locations using the atlas. This site is constantly being updated so check back often.

#2: The digital comic museum has tons of free public domain comic books! Check out loads of books from jungle girls to romance and westerns. It’s really quite a brilliant site!

#1: StashMyComics.com of course! Yes of course I write for this site, but seriously, you need to check out this website. The most powerful collection tracking software on the internet and it’s completely free! It features a database with over 200 000 comic books, pull lists, wish lists, check lists, many customizable options to fit your type of collection and your buying habits. Not to mention lots of great giveaways!

So I hope that helps you out like it did me. What are some of your favorites? Comment about them below!

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