52 #1
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DC Comics – May, 2006 – $2.50 – Color
Writers: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose and Jack Jadson
Cover: J.G. Jones

O.K.,this is what we’ve been waiting for since OYL kicked into gear. Thestory behind the events of the modern DCU. 52 chronicles the lost yearthat happened after every ongoing title jumped ahead One Year(hence OneYear Later or OYL).

The Bad: The main thing that might detractfrom this story as a whole will be the pacing. Tackling all thestories that went on during post-Crisis year will be difficult, and itwill take some getting used of conversations getting interrupted andnothing really building up to a payoff. Having to tell a story whereyou will have so many lead characters is going to be difficult, but notimpossible. The only thing really wrong with this ish(and only ifyou’re nitpicking), is Montoya. Montoya a drunk? Buyable(is this evena word). Montoya sitting in a bar for 3 days without changing oranything? Less buyable. But this doesn’t detract from the overallstory.

The Good: At this point you can’t really build on acharacter so we’re using archetypes. Ralph is a character who can’tstand to go on. Montoya is hitting rock bottom. Steel is a hero whosticks to the code. The Question is….The Question. The onlycharacter so far that is getting a personality is Booster. An thiscomes by realizing that being a hero isn’t as easy as recallinghistory. There is definitely potential and it will be enjoyable to seehow this story really gets fleshed out.

Script: 8 – Plot: 8.5 – Art: 8 – Cover: 9
Overall: 8.375


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