Advance Review: Undertow #3
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image-comics-logoUndertow dropped and became yet another of Image’s great titles. Writer Steve Orlando and artist Artyom Trakhanov imagine Atlantis as the world superpower, with intelligent life really flourishing underwater. Redum Anshargal is Atlantis’ most hated enemy and is fighting against the rigid structure of Atlantean life. Ukinnu Alal is Redum’s prison-protege and they’re part of the group that’s going to find The Amphibian, a mythical creature that may just hold the key to life on land and escaping Atlantis’ oppression.

Undertow #3This issue was teased as “Trampled By Humanity”, and it lives up to that. As Redum, Ukinnu, and Kingu make their camp on land, things become dire as a group of humans surround and attack them. Blades, guns, and fists all must be used to repel the threat. Humans may not be the smartest, but they’re a big danger in groups. Just as things become too much, their savior arrives, in a the unlikely form of The Amphibian. Back on the Deliverer, things get chaotic as Redum stays gone longer than anyone expected. And back in Atlantis things have been set in motion to get rid of Redum Anshargal once and for all.

Orlando and Trakhanov make the first appearance of The Amphibian certainly a memorable one. The Amphibian’s entrance into the battle is described as,”Like a thermal vent erupting”, and the character continues to live up to the god-like presence that has been attributed to him through the various descriptions. He comes off as absolutely insane, as one would expect a god to be after living with lower life for so long, and it’s chilling. Trakhanov’s pages of The Amphibian surrounded by violence and blood sell the insanity of the character and are absolutely stunning. The story gets even better and the art continues to please. Issue 3 may just be the best yet.

Undertow continues to be a stellar title. Great world building, genuinely well-written characters, fantastic visuals, and a darn cool story idea. The addition of The Amphibian and the plans of Atlantis are sure to take this story in a very interesting direction as things start to unfold.

Art: 10/10
Script: 10/10
Parental Concern: 17+, according to Comixology


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