Back Issue Bin to the Future: Ultimate Spider-Man #91
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Brian Michael Bendis on Ultimate Spider-Man with an arc called Deadpool.  That is enough of a review right?  No, well fine I guess I can try to entertain you a little with a longer full review.  For those of you who do not know much about me I will tell you these two things: Bendis is by far my favorite writer and Deadpool is my favorite character.  So when I saw this arc I thought to myself how can I not get this arc of Ultimate Spider-Man?

Although the main point of this issue seems to be to set-up the rest of the arc, of Ultimate Deadpool verses the X-Men, it also provides some very strong character building by Bendis.  Peter’s new relationship with Kitty Pryde makes for a great characterization opportunity.  Their relationship progress fluidly throughout the issue and seems very natural.  Both Peter and Kitty are still young in the Ultimate universe and you can expect some interesting challenges on that alone.  Add in that they are both super powered and have different ways of being seen by the public, and a whole mess of possibilities.

The issue starts out running.  Spider-Man is locked in battle with The Ringer, and he seems to be in a bit of trouble. Who better to help him out than his new girlfriend Kitty in her new costume.  After making quick work out of the Ringer, we get a good look into the budding relationship of two young super-heroes. All this leading up to the first appearance of Ultimate Deadpool and the start of a really good arc.

This is an overall fun issue, with the dialogue between Spider-man and The Ringer and the somewhat awkward situations between Peter and Kitty.  The issue is full of the humor you can expect from Spider-Man.  As always, Bendis does such a great job with his characterization. He really brings the characters he writes to life. As for the art, what more can be said that Amazing.  Bagley has just the right touch on this book to draw the characters off the page.

I do not rate comics lightly and it is not often I give higher than a 7 but this issue definitely deserves it.  Although I was expecting to get a lot of Deadpool action, his involvement in this issue is minimal and yet I found myself not worried about it.  After reading the rest of this arc, I feel I can confidently say that whether you are a Bendis, Spider-Man, Deadpool, or X-Men fan you will really enjoy it.  After this, I would find it absolutely awesome to see Bendis write an Ultimate Deadpool series.


Script: 9/10
Artwork: 9/10
Parental concern: Yellow



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  • Jason Newcomb December 22, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    He’s not lying. He’s a tough critic to please.

  • chipreece December 22, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Sweet! I was thinking of making it a goal to read all of the Ultimate Spider-Man issues digitally, but now…I must! Thanks Chance!

  • Tim Morse December 22, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    Always good to see a Chance review!! I was very reluctant to read any Ultimate issues but finally broke down and read a free copy of issue 1. I loved it! Bagley is my all time favorite Spidey artist, butg I have yet to read the run he did with Bendis. After reading this, and with xssparksx access for us to the Marvel digital comics, I will do just that!