Captain America #25 (Civil War tie-in)
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“The Death of the Dream, Part 1”
Marvel Comics – April, 2007 – $3.99 – 48pg – Color – Rated T+
Writer: Ed Brubaker – Artist: Steve Epting – Cover Art: Steve Epting

Agent 13 and the Winter Soldier (aka Bucky) remember their times with Cap, from just watching and looking up to him, to actually working with him. They are waiting outside the building he is going to be put on trial in, some kid of plan engineered by Nick Fury laying in wait. Cap is brought to the courthouse in cuffs and walked up the front steps, but before he gets there, a sniper shoots one bullet through his shoulder, as another person with a handgun somehow gets close and puts three in his chest.

Agent 13 goes with him to the hospital, while Bucky gets some help from the Falcon to track the sniper. They find him (Crossbones) and shoot down his helicopter, but he turns on the offensive, grabbing Bucky from the Falcon and plummeting back to the ground, where Bucky beats him up and leaves, Falcon staying with him until S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives.

At the hospital, Cap is pronounced dead and Sin follows Agent 13 into the bathroom where she says “remember,” making Agent 13 recall the events as they truly happened earlier. She did not simply rush to Cap’s aid and call for help, she rushed to Cap’s aid, shot him three times in the chest and then called for help.

Wow. I must say I did not see that coming, but what I can see coming is Steve Rogers’ triumphant return. Seriously, they won’t leave him dead for long. Maybe this was all part of Nick Fury’s plan afterall, maybe he’s got the Red Skull working for him… who knows, but however they explain it, he will be back. I think it was handled very well, and if Brubaker continues his run, I think his return will be handled equally well. Great issue.

Writing: 9.0 – Story: 8.0 – Art: 8.0 – Cover: 9.0
Overall: 8.50


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