Captain Britain and MI:13 #14
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Cover by Mico Suayan

Marvel Comics – August 2009 – $2.99 – 32 pgs – Color

Writer: Paul Cornell – Art: Leonard Kirk – Cover: Mico Suayan

Synopsis:  Dracula discovers that his victory over Britain is premature as he finds out he has been getting his hearts desire in Plokta’s realm set up in his own cabin.  The real battle begins and ends quickly due to MI:13’s surprise, and Dracula’s distraction, but not as successful as they would have hoped thanks to Lilith’s strength against Captain Britain.  All seems nearly lost for Dracula until Doom honors his alliance by offering him something that should provide leverage against Captain Britain…Megan!

Review:  I love that Cornell is using bits and pieces he has used in the last issues to contribute to this current story.  The use of Plokta’s domain was a brilliant idea, and something I didn’t even consider after last issue’s dismal end.  I am happy to have Megan back in the mix, and think Cornell’s use of the character in this situation is great.  There is a PURPOSE to her being back.  Some of the dialogue during and after the attack on Dracula felt rushed at times, but that could just be me.  Art and cover are both still really good.  I heard a nasty rumor that this series will be ending with issue 15…such crap!  Why can’t they put an end to Astonishing or Hulk instead?  This is a great series…I will be sad to see it go!

Story: 9.5 – Writing: 8.5 – Art: 9 – Cover: 9.5

Overall: 9.125


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