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The 5 “New 52” Books I Most Hope Will Be Good

So we’ve read the previews, heard the initial buzz and placed our bets. By now we have an idea of … Continue reading

Sep 7, 2011     8 Comments
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New to Comics? 5 helpful tips to get the most of your hobby. is proud of being a community of hobbyists who are kind and open to new fans of comics. You … Continue reading

Sep 6, 2011     3 Comments
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Doing The Math: Is DC following through on their claim to “increased diversity”?

Article by guest writer and user Marty Gelidiom aka Chemist52 Despite consisting of roughly half the world’s population, women … Continue reading

Sep 2, 2011     11 Comments
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5 Reasons To Be Excited About DC’s New 52: An open letter to my friend Clint.

So maybe you were raised by gorillas in the jungle or are a prisoner serving a life sentence in solitary … Continue reading

Aug 25, 2011     6 Comments
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Deconstruction of a Spider: One Indy Musical Takes On Yet Another Awful Comics Adaptation

Dr. Benjamin Franklin famously warned of two inevitabilities in life: death and taxes. If he had waited around a couple … Continue reading

Aug 23, 2011     5 Comments
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Top 5 Superhero Costume Designs

You’ve seen these sorts of lists before but this isn’t one of those. We’re actually going to use a process … Continue reading

Aug 18, 2011     8 Comments
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Captain Existential: What I expect from Captain America: The First Avenger

I’m Canadian (sorry). To be honest, the bulk of my knowledge about the USA is that your beer is weak … Continue reading

Jul 18, 2011     2 Comments
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The Scientific Guide to Correctly Identifying Comic Collector Subspecies

If you’ve ever been to a comic book store, a comic convention or have surfed comic book discussion websites you’ve … Continue reading

Jul 16, 2011     7 Comments
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4 comic book websites I wish I knew about 2 years ago.

The internet is huge! Oh my god it’s huge! Do you know how huge the internet is? It’s like, really … Continue reading

Jul 15, 2011     2 Comments
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Monsters Among Us

By guest writer: Rob Wuest I have been a long time fan of the sci-fi, monster and mystery comics of … Continue reading

Jul 11, 2011     6 Comments
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Diving In – a newcomer’s perspective on comics

By guest writer and Stash My Comics user Kenny Yeager. I’m going to hazard a guess about you, my dear … Continue reading

May 2, 2011     5 Comments
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The Common Man’s Guide To Certified Grading

By guest writer and user, John G. aka Zuul at our forum. So, you have a couple of great books you want … Continue reading

Apr 20, 2011     13 Comments