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Site update: Member reviews now featured on home page and more

Along with improved functionality, we are striving to provide a good community experience for the site as well as steady … Continue reading

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The mysterious hooded woman from Flashpoint and New 52 #1s possibly revealed in LOSH?

DC’s source blog reveals Jim Lee’s redesign of Glorith, a foe who has often fought the Legion of Superheroes. She … Continue reading

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Official Dark Knight Rises images of Bane and Batman

Check out Bane’s muscles and Batman’s huge taser!

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No Thumbnail podcast now on Stitcher!

Hey fans! Our show is now on Stitcher! Listen to us on your iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry and WebOS phones. … Continue reading

Nov 17, 2011     1 Comment
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Jim Lee redesigns Darkseid

DC just announced that Darkseid would appear in Justice League #4 (to ship in December) with a new look designed … Continue reading

Nov 14, 2011     4 Comments
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More DC animated shows coming to Cartoon Network? (UPDATED with promo trailer)

Geoff Johns tweeted about this just now stating that the Cartoon Network was going to feature an entire block of … Continue reading

Nov 12, 2011     5 Comments
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DC Universe Presents to challenge the unknown as of #6

After Deadman’s adventures end in DC Universe Presents, it will be time for other characters to take the spotlight as … Continue reading

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Site update – Comic info page getting a redesign

As you may know already, whenever you view any individual comic on this site you can view a ton of … Continue reading

Nov 9, 2011     2 Comments
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Marvel goes day-and-date digital

When DC made waves this summer with their day-and-date digital announcement a veritable shift in fans’ attitudes occurred. It’s a … Continue reading

Nov 3, 2011     5 Comments
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Site Update: Long-standing blog commenting issue fixed!

If you frequent our blog at all, you’ve probably experienced a “404” type error when commenting on articles. Comments would … Continue reading

Oct 25, 2011     3 Comments
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News Flash! Infinite Vacation #3 to ship this month

You may have read our review of Infinite Vacation #1 many moons ago. The book has fans among circles, … Continue reading

Oct 10, 2011     2 Comments
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Site update!

You’ll notice a new blog feature making previews much more comfortable to view. Instead of having to navigate back and … Continue reading

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