Sneek Peek – X-Men Teasers

Sneek Peek – X-Men Teasers

So X-Fans. What does this mean?

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Sneek Peek – Batman: Arkham City Trailer

The voice actor has a bit of a Christopher Walken vibe don’t you think?

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Sneek Peek – Wonder Woman and the Furies #3

This series was the subject of the book club a few weeks ago and was very well received. Here … Continue reading

Aug 13, 2011     2 Comments
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Which Two Movies Will Marvel Make in 2014?

Marvel has two movies scheduled for 2014. But in typical ballsy Marvel fashion they still haven't started shooting them. They haven't even announced which movies will be shot. We do know a few details... Read More... Continue reading

Aug 9, 2011     10 Comments
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Jesse Moynihan’s Forming – Preview

Forming by Jesse Moynihan. Published by Nobrow Press Distributed by AdHouse Books An eon-spanning comedy, Forming details the spawning of … Continue reading

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