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DC going forward with new logo. More variations revealed. (UPDATED!!!)

Despite the abundant negative feedback, DC stands by their new brand design.  Fast Company interviewed DC Entertainment executive vice president … Continue reading

Jan 19, 2012     13 Comments
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Covers to Wonder Woman #8 and Flash #8

Yes I know, there’s other #8 DC covers out there but Flash has been a big hit with our crew … Continue reading

Jan 19, 2012     3 Comments
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Official Valiant press release about their return in 2012 (includes X-O Manowar preview)

Official press release On May 2nd, New York Times best-selling author Robert Venditti (The Surrogates, The Homeland Directive) and Eisner … Continue reading

Jan 18, 2012     6 Comments
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AMC’s Walking Dead season 2.5 teaser

Watch it here!        

Jan 18, 2012     1 Comment
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With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story – Documentary featurette

New documentary on Stan Lee to come soon. Check out a featurette here.

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Prometheus Trailer

Ridley Scott’s prequel to the Alien franchise looks to be a slickly produced and taut sci-fi horror. Much like H.R. … Continue reading

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First Trailer for The Hobbit from director Peter Jackson

Featuring some of the same actors from the Lord of The Rings film series such as Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) and … Continue reading

Dec 21, 2011     4 Comments
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Watch the first full trailer for The Dark Knight Rises here!

Usually I’d write a clever intro but I know you just want the goods. So here you go:

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance second trailer

This is going to be one of those movies you get or you don’t. From the makers of Crank. Check … Continue reading

Dec 16, 2011     1 Comment
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Marvel announces huge event for 2012!

This is going to make waves. To be written by the so-called Marvel architects –  Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, … Continue reading

Dec 6, 2011     4 Comments
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Sneek Peek – Disney’s John Carter: First Trailer

The first trailer from Disney’s upcoming John Carter movie has 60% of your daily recommended dose of pecs. Seriously though, … Continue reading

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“My Comic Shop Documentary” shows a different side of comic fans

Check out this documentary about how a small LCS becomes a bastion of community. This documentary has been gaining buzz … Continue reading

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