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History channel documentary on Superheroes

It’s a quick overview on the history of comics and a good starting point to learn about the history of … Continue reading

Nov 19, 2011     1 Comment
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Trailer for Incal, the movie that should exist

Brilliant french comic artist, Moebius created the comic Incal. Many years ago director Pascal Blais had a vision to take … Continue reading

Nov 12, 2011     3 Comments
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10 random drawings of Black Cat

Once in a while on a Saturday, I’ll be posting some random cool sketches of some random cool character. So … Continue reading

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Home-made rocket makes it to space

With ambition, knowledge, patience and hard work these folks build a rocket and launcher equipped with a few cameras and … Continue reading

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Hilarious spoof of Dark Knight interogation scene

Oops! Wrong clown!

Oct 1, 2011     Comments Off
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How The Dark Knight Should Have Ended

A very funny youtube series spoofing popular movies.

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Leaked footage from canceled Avengers game

Apparently this is footage from an scrapped game based on the upcoming Avengers game. Be warned, this possibly reveals spoilers … Continue reading

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What if white guys made a Luke Cage movie?

Sweet Christmas!

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Real Samurai Cuts a Bullet in Half!

So I’m assuming if I want to attack this guy I shouldn’t try to sneak up on him?

Sep 10, 2011     1 Comment
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The Marvel and DC Guides to Facial Hair

A manly man has hair on his chest and his face.

Sep 3, 2011     2 Comments
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The New 52 ad DC should have made

It’s going to be okay guys.

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Captain America Vs. Darth Vader! Who wins?

Courtesy of artist Dave Dorman. Click through for an image of the epicest battle ever!

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