Crowd Funding Flash: All-Reader Friendly Double Feature!
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AW YEAH COMICS logoMy eye has been on a few “all-reader friendly” Kickstarter campaigns this week with Art Baltazar and Franco’s AW YEAH COMICS, and Eric Weather’s Thumbson and Mort! If you are a geeky parent or parent of a “geek in training,” then books like these are perfectly suited for you and them. If you’re not a parent, there is still PLENTY to enjoy about both of these projects. Let me introduce you to some of the highlights of each of these projects!

AW YEAH COMICS! by Art Baltazar and Franco

The original goal of this project is to fund the first six issues of the series. All comics will be suited to please all audiences regardless of age and gender, and will feature a collaboration with creators like Brad Meltzer, Mark Waid, and Jason Aaron! Since reaching it’s initial goal of $15,000, the campaign has achieved a stretch goal of $30,000 guaranteeing that 12 issues of AW YEAH COMICS! will now be created!

If the adventures of Action Cat and Adventure Bug sound like a good time to you, then here’s how you can show your support and get some sweet gear in return! The five dollar pledges are for exclusive digital material, including a 26 page Kickstarter only comic and a digital copy of AW YEAH COMICS #1. For $15 you can get your hands on the first three issues or spend $30 to get all 6 issues of the first run! Want the whole shebang? $60 will nab you ALL 12 ISSUES!!! Higher pledges can get you original artwork from the book, but there’s only a few spots left! Visit the AW YEAH COMICS Kickstarter page to make your pledge before it ends on March 7, 2013!


Thumbson and Mort by Eric Weathers

This cute little adventure stars an anthropomorphic thumb and his pet wart! Writer and artist Eric Weathers created the issue during 24 Hour Comic Day in 2012, and has come to Kickstarter to request assistance with getting the book to print. Weathers is proud of his creation, and has no shame in sharing the tale in it’s entirety online for FREE. Regardless, I encourage you to nab a physical copy of Thumbson and Mort to add to your collection. It’s a smart story that’ll make you smile every time you give it a read!

You can pledge your support by helping the project meet it’s initial goal of $250. Not a hard mark to reach, but necessary for an indie creator with little resources at his fingertips (no pun intended). Skip an unhealthy and unsatisfactory meal at McDonald’s and instead pledge that $5 to get a full downloadable PDF copy of the book. If you want that 28 page physical copy to add to your collection to share with your friends when they come to visit, up that pledge to $10 and have it mailed straight to your doorstep! Higher pledges will get you sketches, original production pages, or everything Eric has ever worked on! This includes the stellar World War II adventure series, Flying Fortress! Visit the Thumbson and Mort Kickstarter page now to make your pledge before it ends on March 2, 2013.


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  • Chip Reece February 24, 2013 at 7:31 am

    Limited pay what you want option now available on Thumbson and Mort!