Crowd Funding Flash: Bad Karma
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kickstarter-logoLooking for a mass of original work all in one place? Try the Bad Karma Kickstarter, a collection of five original comic book stories, prose and illustration, starring the work of Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, B. Clay Moore, and Seth Peck. This collaboration will total 200 pages in full color and will be brought to you in hardcover! If you’re looking for some good karma then consider funding Bad Karma (it makes sense, really)! The five stories within this volume will include:

Middleton by Alex Grecian and Phil HesterThe Greatest detective in the world has a time machine. In order to solve an impossible mystery, he must jump back in time to recruit himself at a younger age.

Chaos Agent by Jeremy Haun and Mike TisserandThe agents of Chaos battle the agents of Order for control of the world. If Order wins, we all lose.

Old Dog by B. Clay Moore and Christopher MittenA retired Chicago prohibition cop is asked to keep tabs on gangsters and cops alike in early fifties Los Angeles. Neither side is happy about it.

Hellbent by Seth Peck and Tigh WalkerDetective James Bentley crosses paths with the supernatural in Victorian London.

The Ninth Life of Solomon Gunn by Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, B. Clay Moore, and Seth PeckSolomon Gunn finds himself slipping through time in search of answers to questions he barely understands.

Although each of these stories stand alone, each will have a small connection through the presence of the the mysterious Kraken Corporation, who will play a part in each story! If you’d like to hear more specifics from the team, then have a listen to their project video below!


What’s the Money for? The goal for this Kickstarter will go toward funding the production of the book, printing and distribution as well as the cost of the additional incentives attached with the project!

The Goodies: Aside from getting a digital copy ($15) or physical copy ($30), this puppy is loaded with fun extras! On the lower end you can get a temporary tattoo, tabletop coasters, and T-shirts all with the super cool logo designs made for this project as well as a screen print from the Ninth Life of Solomon Gunn.

For higher pledges you can get your hand on a limited edition slipcase, a collection of 20 graphic novels from the creative cast (for a limited time), handcrafted boxed edition, original artwork, your likeness drawn in the story, watercolor commission, and even lunch with the whole team at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC!

Sign Me Up! Get on over to the project page, and choose your pledge reward today! Remember, crowd funded projects are only available for a limited time, and this one ends January 10, 2013! Follow project news by following @BadKarmaTweets on Twitter or visit the website!

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