Crowd Funding Flash: Don’t Panic! 15th Anniversary Anthology
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kickstarter-logoThe comic strip Don’t Panic! is receiving the collected treatment to compound 15 years of comic strips written and drawn by creator Andy Moore! Originally titled The Crew, Moore began the series in his high school newspaper and continued it on in the pages of The Sunflower at Wichita State University. In 2003 the series became Don’t Panic! and has since printed in newspapers in Ecuador, Alaska, Michigan, Washington, Kansas!

Don’t Panic! involves a lot of “college humor” which fits perfect with it’s current home in The Colorado Daily, the paper of the University of Colorado, Boulder. The strip follows a zany cast of college students who naturally drink too much coffee at the Brew-Ha-Ha coffee shop and get into situations that only irresponsible college kids with a cynical penguin can! You can get in on the fun by owning the entire collection, which includes a whopping 200 pages and promises “at least seven jokes” (hey that’s funny)!

Don't Panic Strip

What’s the Money for? Andy’s not asking for much. In fact, he’s already reached his $500 goal to start getting the book printed. The work is already done, and he just wants to put the book in your hands! Moore is an indie creator who is very wisely using this Kickstarter to get the word out to a larger audience. Following the conclusion of this Kickstarter, Andy will be touring some of the Fall comic-cons with the book.

The Rewards: Sadly, one of the COOLEST rewards I’ve seen in a Kickstarter has sold out. Andy was offering a “pay what you want” pledge starting at $1 for 30 backers! Pledges still available include ONLY $5 for a digital copy (200 pages for $5?! What?!), up that to $10 and get a sticker set with the Don’t Panic! crew, $15 will get you a fun shirt with the series logo, and $25 will get the signed physical copy sent to your front door! Looking to blow a little more dough? There are also options to get yourself drawn into a comic strip, an original framed strip from his collection of your choice, and a chance to collaborate on a strip with Andy!

Sign Me Up! Hitch a ride on over to the Don’t Panic! Kickstarter page by clicking the link! After that you can select the reward you want in the right hand side. Keep up with Andy through Twitter (@DontPanicComic), Facebook, or the Don’t Panic! website to get announcements on stretch goals or other offers made through this Kickstarter! The project ends on October 17, 2012.

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