Crowd Funding Flash: Dragonfly
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kickstarter-logoRenown Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle writer and artist (+25 geek street credJim Lawson has completed the first issue of his creator-owned series Dragonfly, and has turned to Kickstarter to get the book in your hands! The first installment of Dragonfly will be a 90 page graphic novel in black and white. Three characters all with unique abilities find themselves in a land filled with dinosaurs (+5 geek street cred), where they must adapt to survive!

I contacted Jim regarding his project in preparation for this spotlight, and he shared some interesting tidbits in regards to the creation of the project! As a fan of digest-sized comics, Dragonfly had originally been planned for this format. However, on Jim’s annual motorcycle ride (an easy +50 to his geek street cred) he spent a lot of time thinking about future stories, and wrote additional adventures for these characters intended for single issues. For the sake of consistency, the graphic novel will now also be full comic-sized! So how did Jim plot these stories on his trip while driving through the middle of nowhere? He split a letter envelope open with a knife (additional +10 geek street cred), and wrote the rough plots for all four issues on it. Alright, enough with the geek drool fest, check out the project video and highlights below!

What’s the Money for? Jim isn’t looking to make money on this deal. His reward is the enjoyment he gets from having created it (+15 geek street cred). As stated above, the funding goal for this Kickstarter will only cover the cost of printing the book and shipping to supporters of the project.

The Goodies: If all you want is to get your hands on the product itself then you have two VERY affordable options: $15 for a digital copy or $25 for a signed physical copy, both of which come with a digital wallpaper and an acknowledgement inside the book! Want more? If you throw in $45, you’ll also get a copy of his graphic novel Paleo! If you can spare a little more there are higher incentives for hand drawn sketches, opportunity to help Jim create one of five special pin-up drawings for Dragonfly, original artwork from the book, and even a five page comic story featuring one lucky backer (only one spot available)!

Sign Me Up! You’ve heard the pitch, and you have an opportunity to back a legend’s personal project. Please take the opportunity to back Dragonfly by visiting the project page! If you’d like to see more of Jim’s work, including art from TMNT books he’s worked on, visit his webpage or “like” him on Facebook! Don’t wait until it’s too late, the project ends on February 24, 2013!

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