Crowd Funding Flash: El Toxico and the Mosca de Muerte
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kickstarter-logoViolent, mutated and enlarged bugs are on the menu this week with the El Toxico and the Mosca de Muerte Kickstarter project! Writer Darren Hupke is hot off the success of the 12 Minute Revolution in Just Reading Kickstarter (a fantastic book) and has wasted no time in joining with Johnny Flores, artist and co-creator, to bring you this 80 page graphic novel.

The story is an “end of world” scenario where people have escaped into smaller communities to escape overgrown bugs that now terrorize the remaining population. Only one man is brave enough to face this challenge, El Toxico! This graphic novel will flesh out the origin story of Hupke and Flores’ character, who originally appeared in the Southern CA magazine, Santanero, as a four page short. Have a listen to the project video for a few more details and get a peak at some of the art!


What’s the Money for? Every dollar will go toward the production of the graphic novel! This includes covering the cost of pencils and inks by Flores, paying a professional page rate to a colorist, and the printing, packaging and shipping of the book. Anything over the original funding goal will go toward increasing the print run, adding more content and enhancing the rewards!

The Goodies: To get your hands on just the book you can choose between a digital copy only ($8) or make it $25 to get a physical copy mailed to you as well. Higher pledges include having your book signed, your name in the thank you section, an exclusive art print (limited) , commissioned sketches (only two left!), and even credit as an executive producer with an original art page from the book to boot! If you want to make a character cameo, there are rewards that include your likeness getting horribly killed and a speaking role as well!

Sign Me Up! If you want to see El Toxico do some major bug stomping then follow the link to the project page and choose any of the above goodies you want! Don’t stew too long on your decision because the project ends December 31, 2012. Spread some Holiday cheer and help a fantastic project come to life! If you’d like to keep up with El Toxico, then follow Darren on Twitter (@DarrenHupke) or “like” the project’s Facebook page.

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