Crowd Funding Flash: Elysium Online
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Indiegogo LogoElysium Online has already garnered high praise from the likes of creators such as Michael Allred, Mike Carey, and Christos Gage. It’s been called “original,” “stunning” and “a fresh concept,” just to pull out a few of the high remarks. So, what’s it all about?

The graphic novel will come in full color at about 96 pages, and is by writer/artist Ilias Kyriazis with an assist by Dimitrios Kasdaglis, who will be drawing “mock ads” that will appear in the book. Elysium Online can be described as a “sci-fi, horror drama”  that takes a unique dip into the issue of how society deals with mortality. In the year 2021 individuals will be allowed to connect with their deceased loved ones by logging into Elysium, a social network that connects you with the digital afterlife. While the idea sounds great, the living are in for a surprise…the dead hate them and plan to wipe out the living as soon as the program is launched! Check out the project video below to hear more and get a peak at some of the artwork!


What’s the Money for? Funding will cover the printing costs, artists’ fees, shipping and fulfilling the variety of perks available with this project.

The Goodies: There’s a nice variety of perks with a good range of prices, so don’t let that be your excuse for not jumping on board! First, with all pledges there are two varieties of the Social Media Membership Pack, “Resident” and “Guest.” This includes special Facebook covers, Twitter backgrounds and a template you can use to transform your profile picture to declare your support for the project!

Along with that fun perk you can pay $7 to download the complete graphic novel (DANG that’s cheap) and $23 for a printed copy (I’m adding $3 shipping assuming that most of my readers don’t live in Greece). If you add another $5 to that you get the Previous Works Digital Pack, which comes with close to 250 more pages of comics! Higher perks include inked sketches, art prints, a sharp iPhone case, commissions, original pages from the book, and the chance to get drawn in as a background character!

Sign Me Up! Indiegogo works almost identical to Kickstarter. Just visit the Elysium Online project page and click the perk you want on the right side of the page. After that you can use your PayPal account or use your credit card to make your pledge. This project has reached it’s funding goal, so I guarantee you will be charged when it ends on December 6, 2012! Don’t miss your chance to back Elysium Online! For project news and to keep up with the books creator, follow Kyriazis on Twitter (@IliasKyriazis).

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