Crowd Funding Flash: Facebeast
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kickstarter-logoThe “pioneer of bearded justice” is here! Facebeast is a series about a superhero who uses his beard to fight crime! Series creator Josh Dykstra has joined with artist Kate Carleton to bring you a hero that the manliest of men can appreciate, and they are using Kickstarter to ensure Facebeast lives on.

Issue #1 has already been completed, and the funding for this project is solely to get issue #2 printed. Worried about missing issue #1? Don’t be! Issue #1 is available as a PDF copy with any pledge level you make! Want to know more? Then take a look at the project video for preview art and a word from the writer, Josh Dykstra!


What’s the Money for? The original goal, which has already been surpassed, will fund the printing of the first run of issue #2. Extra money will go toward Facebeast touring the convention circuit and printing more issues of the comic. Stretch goals for the project will allow everyone at the $15 level get a printed copy of issue #1 at $2000 (already made), #3 at $3000, and #4 at $4000!

The Goodies: Well, you’ve already read the perks of pledging at the $15 level above, so that’s definitely the most bang for your buck. If you can’t afford that right now, you can a PDF of issue #1 for only ONE DOLLAR, or get both issues for five! If you find a little more change in the couch, then pledge at $8 and get a four button pack! Higher pledges will nab you sketch cards, a REALLY sweet T-shirt, commissioned artwork, original finished pages from the book, and even the chance to have your likeness used for a supporting character in future issues!

Sign Me Up! You’re still here?! Do you really need any incentive besides knowing the hero has a super-powered beard? That’s what I thought! Visit the Facebeast Kickstarter page and pick the pledge level that suits you. To hear future announcements about this project and the continued adventures of Facebeast, follow Josh Dykstra on Twitter (@naughty_bicycle). Facebeast…man I love saying that!

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