Crowd Funding Flash: Final Boss Comic Project
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kickstarter-logoSam Maiden is back after successfully funding issue one of Reboot, and carrying on the tradition of featuring artists with unique and eye catching style. This time it’s through a comic book project called Final Boss, where he will team up with a different artist for each issue. Issue #1 will feature the talents of Shadai Prejean, whose odd use of yellow to contrast a dark medieval story works like magic.

This first issue will feature two heroes in a world where a war is being waged against demons and monsters. Only after defeating the ‘Final Boss’ can the land be safe from the hordes of darkness. While the concept appears to be fairly simple, the fact that the project gives a platform to some truly spectacular artists makes this something worth your silly money. Even better? FREE SHIPPING!


What’s the Money for? The basic goal of this project is to get enough to print the book. The goal of £300 comes out to about $450 in U.S. currency. As you can see, the main goal is just getting the work out there. Stretch goals will do the same by just improving the amount of issues that can be completed consecutively.

The Goodies: £1 ($1.50) gets you a PDF copy, £3 ($4.50) includes a printed version with FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, £7 ($10.50) will credit you as a contributor in the book, and £15 ($22.60) nabs original penciled storyboards and a sweet Final Boss bookmark!

Sign Me Up! Hop on over to the Final Boss Kickstarter campaign and throw some money down! The goal and the rewards are some of the most reasonable I’ve seen, so don’t miss out on a rare opportunity! Project ends June 23, 2013! Interested in other things Sam Maiden is working on? Visit his website at or ‘Like’ the Facebook page.

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