Crowd Funding Flash: Henchmen
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kickstarter-logoAs traditional superhero comic book fans it’s hard to think beyond the basic black and white, “good guy must defeat bad guy” premise. Henchmen tells another story.

This is a book about the guys who assist the villains in their failed attempts to conquer the world, and even goes so far as to dive into the motivation for their choice to take the position. Who do we have to thank for this little gem? Henchmen is the brain child of writer and creator Jamison Raymond and artist Ryan Howe. Have a gander at the project video and check out the perks below!


What’s the Money for? Funds will be used to print a limited first edition of the book, and cover additional promotional material.

Goodies: Low on funds? A mere $3 will get you a PDF copy of the book. If you’re not satisfied with the digital comic thing, you’ll want to throw in $10 to get the printed copy mailed to you (with a nifty sticker!). Higher pledges get you the previous rewards as well as posters, a cameo in the book, and even a role as a henchman!

Sign Me Up! Backing this project is seriously the EASIEST thing ever. All you do is follow the link to the Henchmen Kickstarter page, and choose the pledge level you want in the right hand column. Just be sure to have your credit card handy! Remember, you’re only charged if the project makes it’s goal. To be certain you’ll get a copy of this book, make your contribution before it ends on March 31, 2013! Can’t contribute, but want to show some support? Follow Henchmen on Twitter (@HenchmenComic) or Like them on Facebook and help spread the word!

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