Crowd Funding Flash: Just Another Sheep
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kickstarter-logoWith origins as a webcomic in late 2012, Just Another Sheep is now getting the full print treatment as it finishes up its 5 issue story and gets a publisher, but it needs Kickstarter to help with that goal. The story created by writer Mat Heagerty, artist JD Faith, colorist Jon Cairns and letterer Ed Brisson follows Banning, a teenage poet with extraordinary abilities, as he navigates the tumultuous Civil Rights Era and embarks on a big journey to experience life on his own terms, rather than be just another sheep. The Summer of Love gets violent as a protest at the White House turns into something much more and a mysterious man seems to shadow Banning throughout his journey.

The first couple of issues have already been released online, which you can even check out FOR FREE, but Just Another Sheep needs help funding the last two issues of the five-part story. Mat Heagerty has been writing and funding the series so far, but it’s time for fans to help out. While the last two issues are the goal, print copies of previous issues, digital copies of all, scripts, original art, and more are offered for rewards in helping to fund the last leg of over 140 pages of Just Another Sheep.


What’s the money for? Mat Heagerty is seeking $5000 dollars to pay artist JD Faith, colorist Jon Cairns and letterer Ed Brisson for their work on the last two issues. Along with printing costs.

Rewards: $5 or more gets you PDFs of issues 1-3, regardless of funding. Starting at $15 bucks you can get PDFs of all five issues, packed with extra content. $20 gets you print copies of issues 1-2, along with special edition PDFs of 1-5. At $35 you can get a Just Another Sheep shirt, along with all the awesome PDFs. Original art, sketches, posters, and even being drawn into the book are also available at various reward tiers.

Sign Me Up!: If you’re up for some cool sci-fi set in the 60s, then head on over to the Just Another Sheep Kickstarter and get to backingThere’s about two weeks and $1500 left to go to get funding for the last two issues, so help them out!


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