Crowd Funding Flash: Kickstarter Four Pack!
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kickstarter-logoI’m going to highlight a four pack of current Kickstarter projects for you to ponder funding this week. There are seriously SO MANY cool projects happening at once, and I don’t want you miss out. Hopefully one of these will catch your eye! I’ll include a few of the highlights from each project with a link to it’s page below. Please visit the project pages to find videos, preview artwork and more information about each book! Happy pledging!

Emaneska ArtworkEmaneska by Ben Galley

This project is based on The Written, a fantasy book that is the first of the Emaneska Series, and has been described as Lord of the Rings meets Sin City. The team behind the project wants to turn this successful book series into graphic novels, and needs your help to do it! The team behind Emaneska are from the U.K. so your pledge amounts are figured in pounds. You can get the PDF of the book for a mere £3 or £25 to get a signed physical copy sent direct to you (includes additional shipping outside of the U.K.).

Reboot by Sam Maiden & Ben Passmore

Robots, guns, explosions. Reboot is a Kickstarter project to produce the first issue of the comic. A survivor of a brutal robot attack on his village, J.R. is accompanied by his own robotic companion, Mr. Friendly, as well the wanderer Clementine to track down the one’s responsible. The cheapest and quickest way to get a copy of issue one would be to pledge £3 for a PDF copy. £7 will get you a physical copy with all previous tier awards included (international shipping included).

Ungrounded ArtworkUngrounded by Patrick Gerard & Eryck Webb

An all ages comic book where the nearly invulnerable hero rides a flying polar bear. If that isn’t enough for you to visit the Ungrounded project’s page, then something is WRONG with you. I’m kidding of course. The tone of the book is described as Edison Rex, Nextwave, and All-Star Superman. Give ‘em $4 and you’ll have a PDF copy of the book, if you’re feeling super cool today, throw in an extra $6 (that’s $10 for the non-math minded) and get a physical copy!

Earthward ArtworkEarthward by Bryan Q. Miller & Marcio Takara

Another all-ages project to wet your whistle! This one comes in at 110 pages, and gives Earth “mythical” status, meaning no human alive has ever seen the planet in person. Six friends travel the cosmos on a quest to put their family back together after the disappearance of their parents. The book is described as “Goonies in Space” which should give you a good idea of how quirky and fun these friends will be! The PDF copy can be yours for $10, OR give $15 to get yourself a printed copy! Visit the project page here.

Well, I hope one of these project perk your interest a bit. I know I’m planning to back a few with what little I have! If you haven’t backed a project before, don’t let the process scare you. It’s really quite exciting to know that you helped a comic book project come to life. On top of that, getting a comic in the mail is like Christmas. If you plan it right, and back a bunch of projects, you could have Christmas off and on all year long!

Crowd Funding Flash comes out every Wednesday right here at! Keep up with the latest spotlighted projects by following me on Twitter @ChipReece! See you next week!


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