Crowd Funding Flash: The Last West
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kickstarter-logoImagine a world where all cultural and technological innovation came to a stand still in 1945. Since then the reason remains shrouded in mystery and only known to one man. This is the setup for The Last West, one of the newest projects to come to Kickstarter and slated to be published by Alterna Comics. Writers Evan Young and Lou Iovino along with artist Novo Malgapo tell the tale of one man’s quest to discover why the collective world is spinning it’s innovative wheels.

So why a story like this? The writing duo were inspired by an article in Wired Magazine about the personal collection of Jay Walker’s culturally and technologically significant artifacts from around the world. Marveling at the speed of human development in these areas, the two pondered… “What if all progress stopped?” This question and more are explored, and the mystery begins… with a little help from you!


What’s the Money for? This campaign will fund the first five issues of the planned 10 issue series. All monies go to the art team for their work.

The Goodies: For digital only, you’ll want to start at $3 for issue one, or add another $3 for each subsequent issue you’d like to read. If you want all five issues of volume one in PDF you have two options; $15 for a basic PDF or the $20 level which includes extras! The print copy purists can get each issue signed starting at $5 for issue one only or add another $5 for additional issues in the run. Want to go all in for print copies? Contribute $25 and you get your choice between the five single issues or the volume one trade paperback! Higher pledge amounts will score you things like a t-shirt, poster, bourbon bottle and the opportunity to be drawn into the comic as a bad guy or even one of the West family!

Sign Me Up! Skip on over to The Last West Kickstarter page and choose your pledge level on the right side. By doing that you’ll help bring what is sure to be a fantastic and inventive story to life. Need to think it over? Don’t wait too long! This project will come to an end on August 21, 2013.

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