Crowd Funding Flash: Liberator
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kickstarter-logoDo you have a certain affinity for everything that scurries, crawls or creeps? Well, the heroes of Liberator are here to ensure our animal friends are safe from torture and free from captivity! Writer and animal activist Matt Miner teams up with artist Joel Gomez to bring you a unique four issue series that follows a vigilante hero, much in the tradition of Batman (except for the animals of course), whose aim is to protect our furry brethren! See what other comic professionals are saying and check out some of the art in the video below!


What’s the Money for? This Kickstarter will cover the cost of paying the art team and production costs, the rewards and the 10% cut that Kickstarter and Amazon takes.

The Goodies: This project doesn’t carry just your every day perks! Aside from the usual opportunity to get your copies of the book, the Liberator team has joined with punk rock icon Bad Religion, animal activist Peter Young, and filmmaker Shannon Keith!

To start you can throw down $10 to nab a PDF copy of issue one, or make it $25 to get a copy mailed to you along with a postcard and two vinyl stickers! $35 offers a choice between variant cover package or outcast agenda package, which includes a t-shirt. If you’d like to go all in and get the full series (four issues) then you’ll want to pledge at the $40 level. Higher amounts offer sketches, exclusive prints, DVD’s, clothing, remastered Bad Religion music, and much, much more!

Sign Me Up! Visit the Liberator Kickstarter page to contribute any amount and show your support! If you’d like to get news and updates on the project, follow Matt Miner on Twitter (@MattMinerXVX). Project ends February 1, 2013, so don’t wait too long to back this project!

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