Crowd Funding Flash: Martin Monsterman
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kickstarter-logoAre you in the mood for something that’s crazy fun and safe to enjoy with the kiddos? Well, I’ve found just the Kickstarter for you! Writer and artist Manny Trembley, two-time Eisner nominee for his work on PX! Book One: A Girl and Her Panda, has launched his first Kickstarter project and second title under the FishTank Books label. Martin Monsterman promises to to be a unique graphic novel packed full of comedy about a guy who is cursed to be a different monster everyday!

Martin Monsterman follows in the tradition of the popular Dial H series from DC Comics, except poor Martin isn’t out to save the day and doesn’t have much of a choice! He’s cursed to wake up a different beast every day, something that is bound to lead to wildly entertaining situations and hilarity! Have a listen to Trembley’s pitch to get more info!


What’s the Money for? All funds go toward the printing of the book in color as well as the costs behind getting the t-shirt rewards made! The book has already been written and Manny is in the middle of it’s production. The money is to ensure he can afford the printing. I think it’s safe to say meeting the initial goal of $7,000 is going to be a walk in the park for a stellar idea like this. In fact, within a few days it’s already reached 50%!

The Rewards: A PDF will cost you eight dollars and an upgrade to $20 will get you a signed soft cover. A cool $50 will also buy a nifty original 8×10 ink drawing of a random monster drawing. Quite the steal! Higher pledges will get you original T-shirts, full color illustrations, and even a 10-15 page short story added in the book itself with you as the main character being turned into a monster in a different era!

Sign Me Up! If this sounds like something you’d like in on, then visit the Martin Monsterman Kickstarter page to pick your pledge (not your nose). Hey, don’t stew on it too long, the project ends November 4th, 2012! If you want to stay in the know about other projects under Trembley’s FishTank label, vist the Facebook page and hit “Like!” You can also check out some of his other work by visiting!

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