Crowd Funding Flash: Meatspace
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kickstarter-logoMeatspace isn’t a clever name for an edible black hole. Nor is it a way to gage how far away that delectable looking steak morsel is from your drooling face hole. NO! The real Meatspace is a story about the future, a massive multiplayer game, and a mysterious murder within that takes the life of the main character’s son. Lance Brighton, a brain-implanted robot, inserts himself into the game to solve the mystery of his son’s untimely death.  Written by Josh Gorfain with art by Matthew Furber, the Meatspace Kickstarter project is looking for the funds to bring issue 2 and 3 of the series to life!

WHAT ABOUT ISSUE #1?! Hey kid, stop yelling. I’m getting to that. THERE ARE… ahem. There are pledge options that’ll score you issue one, so don’t cry. Can’t stand waiting? Okay, fine, you can immediately purchase the first issue on ComiXology! Now watch the project video below to get a good look at some Meatspace art, and after the jump I’ll fill you in on some of the highlights!


What’s the Money for? Basically, the goal covers your usual suspects; art, printing, shipping, and those lovely Kickstarter fees. That junk gets expensive.

Goodies: To get the most out of your pledge, you’ll want to start at the $10 level to get issues one and two in the digital format. Already read issue one? Then up your pledge to $20 and get digital AND special Kickstarter edition printed copies of issues two and three, signed. BONUS, that level also comes with a postcard and sticker! Want the whole digital Meatspace and potatoes? At $25 you can get all three digital copies of the series. The printed version of that option will run you $35, and comes with the above bonus.

If you have extra money to burn, there’s a $100 option that gets you a t-shirt and limited action Lance Brighton in-action figure. Several $150 options can get you sketches by Sean Von Gorman, Jonathan Rector, Matt Furber, Jamie Gambell, and Amanda Conner! If you can go higher there’s options for original art pages, original art from Molly Crabapple, and a chance to have your own character drawn in the book and killed!

Sign Me Up! Go straight to the Meatspace project page and choose the pledge you like in the right column. If you need time to think, don’t wait too long. This project ends on Sunday, April 28, 2013! If you’re interested in keeping up with the project then you should probably follow Josh on Twitter (@JoshGorfain), or “Like” the Meatspace fanpage on Facebook. As always, if you don’t have the dough, tell other people you know!

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