Crowd Funding Flash: Miner, Von Gorman Launch Toe Tag Riot
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Described as “a satirical book for anyone who loves FUN and hates JERKS like the Westboro Baptist Church.” Toe Tag Riot is the newest work from writer/co-creator Matt Miner (LIBERATOR, OCCUPY COMICS, LIBERATOR/EARTH CRISIS) and artist/co-creator Sean Von Gorman (PAWN SHOP, FUBAR, OCCUPY COMICS). And it launches on Kickstarter today!

From the press release: “Told in a tongue-in-cheek style that can best be described as a comical orgy of blood and guts, the story follows TOE TAG RIOT, a mid 2000s street punk band who are cursed with temporary recurring zombification that transforms them into rotting undead whenever they perform their music. Meant to destroy their career, the woman who cursed them clearly understands nothing because Toe Tag Riot’s new monster-punk look only propels the band into punk rock stardom.Toe Tag Riot Cover

Finding that the transformation back into regular, filthy, punk rockers is taking longer and longer every time, the members of Toe Tag Riot go on a last cross-country tour in pursuit of the cure to their affliction, but being the ethical sometimes-zombies that they are, the band sticks to slaughtering only the worst of what humanity breeds: the homophobes of ONE MILLION MOMS, sexist date rapist DUDEBROS, and racist SKINHEADS, all on a path to an explosive showdown with the “God Hates Fags” hatemongers known as THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH.

Combining elements of classic horror like Night of the Living Dead with a comedic monster edge a’la a GWAR live concert, TOE TAG RIOT is being described as “a satirical book for anyone who loves FUN and hates JERKS like the Westboro Baptist Church.”

“I’ve always wanted to take a look deep inside the mind of a Westboro Baptist Church member. And by that, of course, I mean I want to see zombies eat their freakin’ brains.” – MATT MINER, writer.

“We all know deep down inside that Shirley Phelps is a terrible human being and we want to show people some of those insides. Like on the floor, or wherever.” – SEAN VON GORMAN, artist.”

Rewards start at $7 and can net you anything from a digital copy of the first issue all the way up to a large, recurring role in the book at the highest level. There’s going to be zombies, controversy, some blood, and some darn interesting comics, but only if it gets funded. Be sure to back the Kickstarter before it’s too late.


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