Crowd Funding Flash: Pariah, Missouri
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kickstarter-logoThe genres of western and horror are mashed together in the Civil War era Pariah, Missouri, a graphic novel rich with history and loaded with mystery by writer Andres Salazar and artist Jose Pescador. Salazar puts together a team of individuals who work to drive out trouble, but not just your every day country fried shenanigans! This 50 page book has been pitched as “Deadwood meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” You can bet that means the story’s cast will have their hands full with the bizarre and supernatural!

So, is this a one and done production? No! This Kickstarter campaign will combine the first two parts of chapter one into a double-sized issue (read part one for FREE here). From there the Pariah team is scheduled to have part three and four done by Spring 2013, and even more stories planned for the beyond! Intrigued? Get additional details in the video below!


What’s the Money for? The initial goal for this project will all go directly to production and printing costs of the double sized issue. Everything over will be put toward production of issues three and four as well as the trade paperback collecting all four of the issues in Spring 2013.

The Goodies: If you want to go cheap and still read the book, $10 will get you a PDF copy and a poker chip fridge magnet! Pay $15 and get a signed copy sent to you and an additional $10 will get you a special edition shot glass! Looking to spend some of that Christmas cash? Higher pledges will get you shirts, the TV pilot script, a water color sketch, 90 minute stand-up comedy show (SoCal only), and you likeness drawn in to the comic as a re-occurring character! Oh, by the way, because this project is funded and met some of it’s stretch goals, you will get a double-sided bookmark and 8×10 full-color print no matter what level you pledge at!

Sign Me Up! If you’re interested in taking part in something you can’t find on the shelves of your local comic shop, then consider backing Pariah, Missouri by visiting the project page. Don’t wait to long, the project closes this Saturday, December 29, 2012! While you wait for the book to be finished, follow Andres on Twitter (@andysalazar) to follow progress and project news.

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