Crowd Funding Flash: A Piggy’s Tale
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Piggy logoGrab your wallets and get ready to invest in the cuddliest comic you can shake your crowd funding dollar at! A Piggy’s Tale is an all-ages book that follows a three-legged pup named Piggy, who, aside from flying, can sense when others are in need of help. The story is more than it’s cute fuzzy hero though. Inspired by the real life dog of the same name, Piggy was saved by the book’s writer, Tod Emko, during a veterinary campaign from what was sure to be a lonely death in the Dominican Republic. Now the canine’s extraordinary story immortalized in comic book form by the drawing talents of Ethan Young!

I was lucky enough to sample the first issue of the book (the Kickstarter will fund two comics), and I was impressed right away. From what I can tell, this is Emko’s first work, a fact that doesn’t show in the script. Issue one starts with it’s roots in reality, a comfortable spot given Emko’s firsthand experience with the rescue. From there his imagination runs wild, and gives Piggy and his feline partner Simon the superstar treatment they deserve. Both characters are given distinguishable personalities that work well together, and that relationship along with the addition of a human cohort is what the better part of the story focuses on after the intro. In the end we get a small tease as to who and what the main antagonist will be for our anthropomorphic duo. Young’s talents for the book’s art is a perfect match for the story, which makes sense given his work on Tails, a book with it’s own animal adventures.


What’s the Money for? The $10,000 goal for the project will go toward art, printing, shipping and fulfilling rewards.

Rewards: For my fellow cash-strapped comic book fans, the best place to start would be to chip in at the $8 level to get issue one and two in digital format. If you want those books in print, throw in an extra few bucks to make it an even $10! If you’ve got a few extra bucks and want to help ensure a great project reach it’s full potential, there are all kinds of goodies sitting pretty at $25. Those include cool t-shirts, buttons, stickers and a gnarly tote bag! Higher pledge levels include some combo packages, a Piggy-themed mobile video game, sketches jewelry and more!

Sign Me Up! I think there’s enough here to wet your appetite, now it’s up to you to pay the project page a visit and choose the pledge that fits you best! Don’t forget, these crowd funding projects have a limited window to reach their funding goal! This one needs your support before it ends on November 20, 2013. Keep up with project updates and show the creator your support by following Tod Emko on Twitter (@todemko).


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