Crowd Funding Flash: Projects for the Creator, Collector and Fan!
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Three projects are featured this week with the comic creator, collector and fan in mind. Take a look and decide… which one are you? Or, back them all you silly rebel.

CREATORS – ComiXwriter: Scriptwriting Software for Comic Books

Want to write a comic? Well, it’s never been easier with the first ever software created with the comic writer in mind. Basically this program will take the headache out of using your basic word processor and make the writing process a little less tedious. Heck, I’m new at the comic writing gig and can already feel the need for something that understands me a little better.


Start Here: Pledge $50.00 to get a digital download of the software when the project reaches it’s goal. That’s basically half the retail price!

Project Ends: July 26, 2013.

COLLECTORS – Collection Armor

This oversized ziplock bag for your longbox promises to protect your entire collection from extreme elements like water, light and air pollutants (smoke, Joker gas, grandpa’s farts, etc.). If you’ve lost valuable books to a flooded basement, you’ll want to see Matthew Price’s demonstration in the video. Don’t sit your longbox next to that 20 year old water heater and hope for the best… level up with Collection Armor!


Start Here: Pledge $20 for the shortbox size, or $25 to cover your longbox. A small price to pay for your large investment!

Project Ends: August 14, 2013

FANS! – Atomic Robo: Tesladyne Recruitment Drive

The creators of Atomic Robo are giving their fans what they’ve been clamoring for… MERCH! On top of the mountains of nifty Atomic Robo gear, the boys have assembled what is sure to be a fantastically entertaining Tesladyne Field Guide! No longer do the employees of Tesla get to hog all the super important survival tips!  It’s all ours! Even Dr. Dinosaur could grab this, which… may not be good for any of us. Y’know what though? You could be killed by a super-intelligent dinosaur, a total win in my book.


Start Here: At $20 you’ll have your hands on a copy of the Field Guide. Above that are MIND BLOWING amounts of other amazing goodies.

Project Ends: August 9, 2013

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