Crowd Funding Flash: Projects that Deserve Your Dollar
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There’s a lot of GREAT active crowd funding projects out there right now, and with limited time, I want to make sure no one misses an opportunity to get in on them.  I personally vouch for the following creators, but also hate them for offering all this sweet stuff when I have no money, all at once.  Jerks. Anyway, go spend your hard earned money on these excellent projects!

Doc UnknownDoc Unknown: Winter of the Damned & Other Tales (Kickstarter)
Written and created by Fabian Rangel
Art by Ryan Cody

If you haven’t heard of Doc Unknown, then you may be hiding under a rock. The stories have been running as a backup in Image Comic’s Five Ghosts series, and the book’s main antagonist, Boss Snake, reached Kickstarter success in Fall 2013 as a one-shot comic. Fabian is quickly becoming a rising star as a comic book writer, thanks to the success of his creator-owned series. Winter of the Damned is the second volume of stories for Doc Unknown, continuing the supernatural action/adventure series set in World War II. The book will collect the 12 page story currently running in Five Ghosts as well as 61 new pages of art and story.

Juicy Morsels: $20 – Print of DU: WotD; $20 – Print copy of DU: Vol 1 and Boss Snake one-shot; $25 – Print copy of DU: WotD and Boss Snake one-shot; $30 – Print of DU: Vol 1 AND WotD; $35 – Print of Vol 1, WotD AND the Boss Snake one-shot.

Project ends Wednesday, April 9, 2014

downDown with the Ship and Here (Kickstarter)
Written and drawn by Claire Connelly

Connelly’s work initially caught my eye when I noticed some semblance to the style of Jeff Lemire, someone I happen to be a big fan of. She got her start posting her work through her website, and is now running a Kickstarter to collect this work in print via two separate graphic novels. Down with the Ship is a collection of short stories, while Here is a self contained sci-fi epic. Yes, Connelly is relatively new to the comic making game, but her work is dripping with the look of an experienced creator. Best part about backing this project? The work is done. All she needs is the money to print the books, reducing the wait time of receiving your crowd funding prize.

Juicy Morsels: $25 – Copy of Down with the Ship; $25 – Copy of Here; $45 – Copy of BOTH DwtS and Here.

Project ends Wednesday, March 26, 2013

Werewolf of NYC #2 (DIY crowd funding)
Werewolf of NYCWritten and drawn by Edwin Vazquez

Before you say, “But I didn’t get issue #1,” let me put you at ease by saying you can get BOTH issues through this fundraiser. You might have noticed Vazquez is not using Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other popular site. It’s the first major do-it-yourself crowd funding effort I’ve seen since the craze took off. If you think he’s a rebel for doing it this way, well, I’d say it’s in his nature. Just take a gander at his art style. RAD. Look for an exclusive interview with Vazquez later this week!

Juicy Morsels: $10 – Print copies of WoNYC #1-2; $20 – Both issues and 4 digital prints; $35 – All that and a silk screen t-shirt; BONUS – First 30 contributions of $30 and up get a free silkscreen print!


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