Crowd Funding Flash: Projects with Heart
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Like the title suggests (and possibly in anticipation of Valentine’CFF from the Hearts Day), the crowd funding projects I’m spotlighting this week all have very meaningful content. I know a case could be made for many projects having “meaning,” but these go above and beyond to tackle important sensitive social, environmental, and medical topics. If you’ve been holding out for something truly special to put your backing to, one of these four just might have what you’re looking for. Consider that the impact of these crowd funding projects will go beyond you or the creators involved.

You Are Not Alone Variant Cover by Elias MartinsYou Are Not Alone by GrayHaven Comics

This 150+ page anthology offers hope through tales of overcoming bullying, homophobia, racism, depression and abuse. You Are Not Alone includes the work of close to 100 comic book professionals, including the likes of Gail Simone and Raven Gregory. The purpose of the stories contained in this anthology are to provide a place where individuals who are faced with these terrible circumstances to find solace in that they are not alone in their struggles. In addition, We Are Not Alone will challenge others to do the right thing should they every witness individuals who would become victims of such abuse. You can get a PDF copy for $10 or a physical copy for $25 by visiting the Kickstarter campaign page. Project ends March 3, 2013.

Nistar: A Superhero for Kids with Cancer by Shira Frimer

After losing her husband to pediatric bone cancer at the age of 24, Shira Frimer began to work on Nistar. Her inspiration came from her husband’s efforts to give hope to the children in the children’s oncology ward during the five years he was there for treatment. Nistar will be a 104 page graphic novel illustrated by Josef Rubinstein about a superhero who battles against one of the worst villains of all, Cancer. A PDF copy will cost you $15, but  you can make a bigger impact by pledging $25. At that level not only will you get a physical copy, but a copy will ALSO be sent to a child currently battling cancer! Visit the Indiegogo project page to make a difference! Project ends March 12, 2013.


The Big Belch by Kay Wood

Oil spills, corporate greed, environmental ignorance…sounds like something out of recent news right? The Big Belch  is a 110 page graphic novel that pulls one of the biggest man made environmental disasters in recent history straight from the headlines, the Gulf oil spill. The book stars a baby boomer couple and their animal team of crime fighters, using a “fusion of environmental protest and quirky humor.” You can get your choice of a PDF or physical copy of this book for $25 by following the link to the project page. The Kickstarter for this project ends on March 24, 2013.The Big Belch by Kay Wood


Read-to-Me Comics: Rowen and the Rascal Lion by Greysoul Studio

While the final project I’m covering today doesn’t have an “in your face” cause like the three above, it is trying to do something important. The kids of today are different than those of their previous generations, and the guys behind Read-to-Me comics are innovating ways to make reading for our children fun and exciting! The first of the Three Knuckleheads books, Rowen and the Rascal Lion will bridge the gap for 3-4 year-olds to books they start to read themselves. So what’s in it for us adults? Well, all the comic-loving moms and dads out there should be SUPER pumped to have an interactive comic they can read to their kids! An incredibly cheap $3 will get you a PDF copy of this book and any others unlocked through this project’s stretch goals. If you want that 12×12 physical copy, you’ll need to chip in $20. Don’t wait too long to back this project! Visit the Kickstarter project page before it ends on February 22, 2013!

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