Crowd Funding Flash: Roadkill du Jour
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kickstarter-logoThere’s a new project in town, and it features a troubled biker who rides the lonely road of the bayous while only sustaining himself with roadkill! Yum! The horror comic Roadkill du Jour is sure to test the limits of any stomach that dares to consume food while reading. Despite whether you lose your lunch or not, this comic is sure to entertain you! The four issue series is written by Kevin LaPorte with art by Shawn Harbin, and colors by Laura Guzzo. From the press release:

In the bayou, a clash of rival motorcycle gangs vying for territory leaves one club decimated, with just one survivor – the cursed biker, duJour.  Afflicted by the dark hex of the rival gang’s ever-pregnant voodoo priestess, Mama Houdoo, duJour rides backwater roads alone, living on nothing but what dies on the road and chasing the fleeting soul of his love, Vanessa.  Only when saved from a deadly fate by a most unlikely Samaritan does duJour reclaim the gumption to rebuild the Roadkill Motorcycle Club and ride to vengeance and the lifting of the curse.  He and his motley assemblage of hog-straddling burnouts must survive a muddy gauntlet of monstrosities and magicks to reach Mama Houdoo, take down her gang and nullify the source of her power – the horrible, unbirthed thing inside her!

Mmm Roadkill!THIS is Roadkill du Jour, a 4-issue color comic series by writer Kevin LaPorte (Inverse Press’ Clown Town), artist Shawn Harbin (BSX22 Studios’ The Dungeon Comic), and colorist Laura Guzzo (Action Labs’ PrinceLess).  Roadkill du Jour #1 is available NOW from independent publisher, Inverse Press, via crowdfunding mega-platform!

Kickstarter allows creators to take funding – AND the projects thus created – directly to the fans!  It’s as simple as signing up, choosing the reward(s) most appealing to you, and setting up secure payment through (EASY – especially if you already have an Amazon account).

Kevin led SIX previous, successful Kickstarter campaigns including efforts for his serialized horror graphic novel Clown Town (with artist Amanda Rachels) and Ancients & Warriors (with artist Gavin Michelli), and he organized the highly successful Kickstarter run for Erica J.Heflin and Amanda Rachels’ Flesh of White!

For the Roadkill du Jour Kickstarter campaign, Kevin, Shawn and Laura are pleased to offer a smorgasbord of cool specialty items, unique editions of the book, and incredible opportunities, including:

  • Kickstarter-Exclusive Cover Editions of Roadkill du Jour
  • Kickstarter-Exclusive Trading Cards featuring Key Characters
  • A Kickstarter-Exclusive Temporary Tattoo featuring the Roadkill Motorcycle Club Crest
  • Behind-the-Scenes Book featuring Production Secrets and In-Progress Art and Script for Various Phases of the project
  • Oversized (9.25” x 14”) “Treasury” Editions of Roadkill du Jour
  • Blank, SKETCH Cover Editions of Roadkill du Jour featuring an Original Sketch by Series Artist Shawn Harbin
  • 9” x 12” Headshot Sketch Commissions by Laura Guzzo
  • 9″ x 12″ Full Body Sketch Commissions by Shawn Harbin
  • Opportunity to Feature YOUR Name in the “Credits” of the Movie Poster-Style, Kickstarter-Exclusive Cover to Roadkill du Jour #1
  • Opportunity to OWN Original Interior and Cover Art from Roadkill du Jour #1

If you’re interested in keeping up with Kevin and Inverse Press, be sure to follow him on Twitter (@InversePress).  Check out the project video from the Kickstarter below!

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