Crowd Funding Flash: Sea Breeze Lane
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kickstarter-logoThis week’s project, Sea Breeze Lane, takes us hundreds of years into the future where the human race has taken residence on the moon. Writer Trevor Charles works as an English teacher at a public school in the Big Apple. His dream of becoming a graphic novelist is nearly realized pending the support of backers interested in supporting his unique tale. So, what’s it about?

Sea Breeze Lane follows character David Bell, a Skyborn society elite that lives in a domed Earth-like city on Earth’s moon. Bedtime stories from his childhood speak of a life that may be more than fiction…what came before life on the moon? Outside domed living are the Dusters, a society that believes themselves to be descendants from the original lunar settlers. Bell begins to question what he has always accepted as truth, which could come to benefit humanity’s future, or destroy it!


Unlike many crowd funded comics, Sea Breeze Lane has already proven it’s worth through it’s original success as a published short story in a school literary magazine during Charles’ days in college. At the beckoning of his writer friends, Charles has been working toward the goal of giving the story life as a graphic novel! To help him do that, the book’s unique story benefits from the dreamy artistic interpretation of the talented Salomon Farias as well as colorist David Aravena.

What’s the Money for? Cost to produce each issue of the book has been estimated at $2,000. Although the purpose of the Kickstarter is to produce the hardcover of the book, it has been broken down into five issues (5 X $2,000 = $10,000, yay math!).

The Rewards: If you’re just curious or only have a few bucks to spend, you can grab a PDF of the first chapter as well as a few nifty buttons for just three dollars! Upgrade your pledge to get physical copies of the first few issues (including a nifty variant cover) as they come out, OR go for the almost 130 page hard cover for $30! Higher pledges will get you name recognition printed in the book, exclusive content, a character in your likeness in the story, and original art!

Sign Me Up! Check out the Sea Breeze Lane Kickstarter page to pick your pledge. Each pledge is explained in the right hand column on the page for easy navigation! Remember, your credit card is only charged if the project meets it’s goal. Follow Trevor on Twitter (@LakeFrontComics) or visit his website to keep up with announcements or other information about the project. The Sea Breeze Lane Kickstarter ends October 6, 2012, so jump on your intergalactic surfboard and pledge while you can!

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