Crowd Funding Flash: Sequential Projects
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This week’s Crowd Funding Flash spotlights four subsequent projects that aim to continue or wrap up a series using Kickstarter! Here they are with a few perks noted for each one…

Ugli Studios Present #2

This anthology series continues with a 38 page second issue that includes stories from artists: Jason Lenox, Brian Allen and Joseph Freistuhler. These tales include a violent western, humorous adventure in space, and a dark sci-fi tale about a serial killer who repeatedly clones himself. You can read our review of the first issue right here.

Pledge Perks: $10 gets you PDF copies of both issue 1 and 2 with a bonus wallpaper! $15 is the first print tier that will score you issue #2 only, but an additional $10 ($25 total) will nab you both signed with a sketch card and original piece of art by one of the artists! Visit the project page to choose these or higher rewards before it ends on June 25, 2013!


The Mighty Titan #2

Joe Martino continues real life inspired story about a superhero who discovers he has cancer! Issue two will include a cover by Jamal Igle and interior pencils by Luca Cicchitti and Cory Smith! Want to get the scoop about issue #1? Check out the review I did just a few weeks ago!

Pledge Perks: The digital perk is only $5 and will hook you straight up with a PDF of issue #2. You can choose two different pledges at the $7 level depending on whether you want the Jamal Igle or Jimbo Salgado covers! The Mighty Digital Set reward will get you ALL 5 ISSUES of The Mighty Titan in PDF as they come out for just $10… you can’t beat that! Did you miss the Kickstarter for issue #1? Pledge $11 and get both issues mailed to you! Visit The Mighty Titan project page and grab one of these perks or more before June 30, 2013.


Roadkill Du Jour #2

That roadkill dining southerner is back for a second helping! Kevin LaPorte aims to continue the zany adventure of his cursed biker with the continued support of Kickstarter’s crowd funding platform and the drawing talents of Shawn Harbin. Curious? Read our review of issue #1!

Pledge Perks: A PDF of issue #2 is yours for $5. Standard print copies run at $10 and a Kickstarter exclusive “70’s Exploitation Cover” will cost you $12. If you want it all you can subscribe to the whole series for $15 (4 issues). If you missed out on backing issue #1, you can get a print copy by adding an additional $5 to any tier to get it! Help the Roadkill Du Jour project reach it’s goal before it ends on July 3, 2013!


Carbon Grey: The Final Chapter

Following the successful funding of the second volume of Carbon Grey in 2012, the creative team is back and asking for help in completing the final chapter. This project will combine both issues 2 and 3 into a double-sized finale! Read issue #1 for FREE by following this link.

Pledge Perks: $10 includes a collection of songs inspired by Carbon Grey as well as downloads of issues 1 and 2. For $14 you’ll get digital files for ALL Carbon Grey comics to date. If you want printed copies of both issues from this series you’ll want to pledge $25 so you can also have them signed by the creative team! There are a TON of additional levels to throw in your support, so have a look at the project page and make your pledge before June 13, 2013!


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