Crowd Funding Flash: Seven Stones
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kickstarter-logoIn 2012, author C.E.L. Welsh released Clutch, a story about a man out for revenge, on the road of a post apocalyptic world (The Wrecked Earth) pummeled by meteorites and atomic fire. The world that Welsh created is vast, and he realized the potential for other great stories to be told within. Out of that idea seven creative teams including Welsh and six writers paired with seven artists will flesh out those stories, each about a specific meteorite that’s fallen upon the doomed planet.

A pre-Wreck politician leads a gang of thugs, a mutated orphan baby, the zookeeper defending his animals from hungry marauders, a farmer doing whatever it takes to protect his land from treasure seekers and our titular hero Clutch returns in a prequel story where he must assist a small town against it’s “rat problem.” These stories will all be told in two different formats available through this Kickstarter!

The anthology will contain each of the seven stories in prose with interior illustrations and a professional cover to be offered as an e-book. The graphic novel will contain those seven stories interpreted into 8-10 page comic scripts by Welsh and assigned to a different artist. Welsh himself will be teaming up with Kelly Williams, an artist I currently have the pleasure of working with on the book Metaphase. If you want BOTH the anthology and graphic novel, they will be collected in a printed omnibus that will also include additional content, available through the Kickstarter as well. Want to know more? Hear it from Welsh himself in the video below!


What’s the Money for? Money raised will pay the writers, artists, Kickstarter fees, and backer rewards, which includes the initial print run.

Rewards: For only $5 you can choose either the anthology or graphic novel, or get it all in the digital omnibus for $15. If you prefer paper, the print omnibus will be your jam at $25. For pledgers with extra money there are posters, opportunities to be drawn into the comic, a meteorite necklace, commissions, and even original pages of art from the book!

Sign Me Up! Head on over to the Seven Stones Kickstarter page and choose the pledge you like. It really is that easy, and you get that sweet feeling of helping a cool project breathe air! Don’t wait too long though… the project needs to reach it’s funding before September 2, 2013! Interested in checking out the book this is all based on? You can get ahold of Clutch by going here.

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Seeing as how Kelly Williams is collaborating with me as the artist on METAPHASE, you should definitely back Seven Stones. Well, there’s a TON of other good reasons, but for real…Kelly should be all the incentive you need. A 10 page preview of Metaphase is available for FREE on ComiXology from Alterna Comics! Please read, rate and share!


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