Crowd Funding Flash: Skin Deep – Exchanges
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kickstarter-logoThis week’s spotlight falls on Skin Deep: Exchanges – The Secret Lives of Monster People by Kory Bingaman. In the imaginative world of Skin Deep, mythical creatures coincide with us in regular society by hiding their identities with magical medallions that make them appear hidden. “Some…have been hiding as humans for so long they have forgotten that they were anything but human…”

Skin Deep began as a webcomic that has been published online since 2006, and this, as well as other stories can be read at In fact, you can read over 300 pages of the series for FREE if you’d like to take a peek at what you’re investing in! The setting for Exchanges takes place in a hidden town located in Liverpool, England. There a teenage boy discovers that his best friend is actually a mythical creature, who goes on to share his secret world with him! Hear the pitch directly from the series creator in the video below!

So why should you support the printed version of this webcomic? Well, there are a number of neat extras that come with this collected version outside of the 115 pages of actual comic! You’ll get a two page map (maps are awesome!), a sharp looking 30 page character guide, five pages of notes, and eight pages of sketch work all for $20!

What’s the Money for? Kory breaks it down simply for us: $6,000 is for printing, $4,000 total for shipping books to her and then to the customer, $5,000 for taxes (eww), and $1,500 goes toward the Amazon and Kickstarter fees! All extra funds beyond the total goal of $16,500 will be used for printing stickers, paying the editor and other obscure costs!

The Rewards: Aside from the FREE option of checking out 300 pages of content on the website, you could pay $10 and get a PDF of the graphic novel to see all the extras in digital! Or, get a physical copy of the book with a 2×3 sticker for $20, bookplate with an original drawing by Kory ($40), OR a limited edition hardcover that includes a signed, numbered, and sketched-in bookplate as well as a 6×10 print of a map of the Liverpool Avalon ($100)!

Sign Me Up! Most of you know the drill, just visit the Skin Deep: Exchanges Kickstarter page and choose the pledge reward of your liking in the right column. Your credit card will be charged, but ONLY if the project reaches it’s funding goal! Kory still needs a little under $3,000 to make it happen, so don’t be shy! If you’re interested in checking out Kory’s first successful Kickstarter for the card came Borogove (mentioned in the video above) visit the website here.

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