Crowd Funding Flash: Tangled Weeds
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Originally starting as digital issues available online, Tangled Weeds and it’s creator Lee Milewski now turn to Kickstarter to print a collection of the three issues of Milewski’s sci-fi/horror comic about a team of soldiers that travel to a distant planet in the name of science, but find horrors beyond imagining waiting for them.

After Milewski worked on Tangled Weeds for the better part of 2013, handling all the writing and artistic duties himself along with publishing them online, he’s ready to bring the series to print. With all the layout finished and everything taken care of, there’s just one thing he can’t do all by himself: printing. That’s where Kickstarter comes in. Along with the collected volume of Tangled Weeds, Milewski is looking to include pinups from artists like Walter Ostlie, Daniel Warren Johnson and more, along with other never-before-seen content.


What’s the money for?: Milewski is seeking $2,400 to print as many books as possible.

Rewards: Just $3 gets you a digital version of all three issues and $25 gets you a print copy of Tangled Weeds and all the bonus content in a nice, 5×7 softcover. $30 gets you the physical book and three prints. Higher pledge levels will net you posters, original art from the series, sketches, or even paintings!

Sign Me Up!: If you’re up for some sci-fi with a few monsters thrown in, head on over to the Tangled Weeds Kickstarter and get to backing it! Lee needs about $1,200 more by March 15th to get this printed.


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