Crowd Funding Flash: The Adventures of Aero-Girl
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kickstarter-logoDescribed as a “modern Golden Age story,” The Adventures of Aero-Girl is a high octane adventure that promises to deliver all the elements that made long time comic fans fall in love with the genre in the first place.Even better, it’s a comic that you can feel good about handing over to the kids to enjoy! Jacqueline Mackenzie (aka Aero-Girl) is a teen dealing with the death of her super-hero father and the surprising transfer of his powers to a gorilla!

Creator and Writer DeWayne Feenstra is joined by artist Axur Eneas to bring the four issue miniseries to life with the help of faithful backers. Initially the book will be available in both English and Spanish, something you don’t usually see in crowd funded comics. Feenstra is even willing to expand this offering to any language a reader requests if there is enough demand! Check out the video below to preview some of the fantastic artwork of Axur Eneas!


What’s the Money for?  This project isn’t asking for much, so you can guarantee they’re only looking to cover the printing and shipping of these books.

Goodies: To get in on the ground level, $5 will get a digital copy and $10 nabs you a physical copy of issue #1. Want to give more? Pull up the couch cushions around the house to find enough change to afford the $30 pledge and you’ll also get an exclusive 11×17 print pictured here. Higher pledges give access to postcards, bumper stickers, a stuffed Jak-Jak, commissioned art from Eneas, and even a cameo appearance in the first issue!

Sign Me Up! Take a moment to visit the Adventures of Aero-Girl Kickstarter page and pick your reward. You have a unique opportunity to not only get something sweet for your support, you’ll have helped a creator-owned dream come true! Back this project before it ends on March 24, 2013. If you’d like to stay fresh on project news or show the creators your support, follow Feenstra on Twitter (@DeWayneFeenstra) or “Like” Aero-Girl on Facebook!

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