Crowd Funding Flash: The Bargain
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kickstarter-logoA 20 year old pact with the devil will come to it’s fateful end in three days. The Bargain is a supernatural thriller set in the 1950’s that stars Jackson Connolly, a man who will have to find a way to break that bargain or face the hounds of hell! This graphic novel, written by Kara Barrett with art by J.C. Grande, will be brought to you in full color and rounds out at close to 75 pages if it meets it’s Kickstarter goal. Intrigued? Have a listen to the project video below for a message from the book’s writer, Kara Barrett!


What’s the Money for? Funding for The Bargain will pay for the remainder of the art needed to finish the book as well as printing fees (including it being in color).

The Goodies: The sweet stuff starts at $10 with a PDF of the finished book as well as your choice between a sticker or a postcard with art from the book. For a limited time you can give $15 and get a high quality glossy print of the cover art with the PDF. To get your hands on the limited edition printed copy you’ll need $20.  Higher tiers will get your book signed, posters, t-shirt, an illustrated cameo, speaking parts, commissioned art, and advertising space! Additional content includes artwork from Riley Rossmo and Kelly Williams!

Sign Me Up! Visit the Bargain Kickstarter page to find the pledge award you want in the right column to support this book! Interested in keeping up with Kara and her cohorts? For project news follow Kara on Twitter @KBarrett. Don’t wait too long to help this book make it’s goal! Project ends on December 22, 2012!

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