Crowd Funding Flash: The Goon Movie
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kickstarter-logoCrowd Funding Flash is changing it up this week to tell you about the Goon Movie Kickstarter! Yup, you heard right! Blur Studios needs YOUR help to bring Eric Powell’s creation to animated life! Who among our ranks wouldn’t care to see some crazy monsters, zombies, killer robots, and demon priests get a giant Goon fist to the gut? From the sound of this project, Goon fans and those unfamiliar are in for an adventure that’s “loud, violent and offensive to your grandma!”

So far, the only footage available for this project was produced independently and out-of-pocket as “proof of concept” for the Hollywood cronies. Although well received, it hasn’t had any offers to move forward. Because of this it was decided to let the FANS decide by utilizing Kickstarter to reach the goal of producing a feature length story reel. Have a look at the trailer and project video for a taste of what’s to come!


What’s the Money for? The amount needed to begin film-making and producing a feature length story reel from Eric Powell’s already completed script is $400,000! This also employs the voice talents of Paul Giamatti as “Franky” and Clancy Brown as “The Goon!” It’s a large task to achieve, but the movie making business ain’t cheap!

The Rewards: New Goon goers may want to try the $10 pledge to get digital bundle of Powell’s top five favorite issues of the comic book! Interested in the film production process? Then give $25 and get access to a special blog with insider info on the film as it’s made. Die hard Goon fans won’t want to miss the $35 pledge to get a one-of-a-kind Dark Horse print edition of the creator’s FAVORITE Goon issue, exclusive ONLY to this Kickstarter project! Higher pledges will get you a Goon film pitch book, sweet looking t-shirts, movie posters, and more!

Sign Me Up! So you want in eh? Visit the Goon Movie project’s Kickstarter page and grab the reward in the right column that suits you best. After that it’s YOUR job to tell all your friends about it to help it reach it’s goal! Don’t forget, you will only be charged when the project reaches it’s full goal! Follow Eric Powell (@goonguy) on Twitter to stay in the know and to be super hip.

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