Crowd Funding Flash: The Locksmith
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kickstarter-logo“The dead must remain with the dead.” Noir and Sci-Fi collide in The Locksmith when a cop becomes guardian of a gateway to the beginning and end of the universe. That is the idea behind this screenplay turned 130 page graphic novel from writer Terrance Grace with art by Eagle Award winner, Silvio. Name ring a bell? Well, it appears he’s quite the popular fella, and for good reason! I featured another project that features his artistic talents just last week!

The gateway to a dimension where past, present, and future exist simultaneously is protected by the Locksmith. Unfortunately, the current holder of that title has died, and terrible power is unleashed unto the world! Detective Mick Fagan will become mixed up in a mystery involving the previous keeper of the gateway, a secret organization, and a spirit of the undead that is building into a power beyond control. To top it off, the location of the doorway is growing into a black hole of time, threatening to erase all that has ever existed! Check out the video below for more info with some intense preview pages from the book!


What’s the Money for? The project goal is a minimum amount that aims to pay for the completion of the artwork and soft cover printing of the book. If the goal is exceeded other incentives will be announced, including printing the book over-sized and with a hard cover!

The Rewards: A download of the entire graphic novel is available for $10. For a limited time, early pledgers can get an autographed physical copy of the book and a “Locksmith Master Skeleton Key” for $25. Higher levels will get you some nice pinup artwork, original screenplay, your likeness drawn into the story, and original artwork from Silvio!

Sign Me Up! Check out The Locksmith’s Kickstarter page to get even more details and see additional preview art for the book! While you’re there just click the pledge award you like in the right column of the page. It’s as easy as that! Your credit card will only be charged if the project is funded in full. Keep up with all the latest about the project by following Terrance on Twitter (@LocksmithComic) or the project website! This project ends Monday, November 12, 2012!

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