Crowd Funding Flash: The Merciful Kickstarter Project
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kickstarter-logoThis week the spotlight shines on The Merciful, a horror story of epic proportions that affects the entire world’s human population with a man made illness! Series creators Adam Jack and Kyle McEwan grew up together imagining their own sequels to horror movies they had watched, and are now exercising over 25 years of practice in graphic novel form. Joining them is Dan MacKinnon, the series artist, who has recently completed work on the Rune Quest RPG as well as St. James Comics. Have a look at their Kickstarter video to get the lowdown on the disturbing chain of events that occur in The Merciful!


In the not too distant future the world is suffering from a monumental food shortage stemming from a stew of terrible circumstances. Things appear to change after a bioengineering breakthrough allows the creation of a larger breed of swine that in turn feeds the starving world. Unfortunately, this seemingly brilliant move comes with terrible consequences…two thirds of the world’s population are either sick or dying. After a way to put the disease in limbo is discovered, many become comatose and those lucky enough to make it are sterile and scarred. Soon the race is on for a cure…before the thriving remainder of the population move to euthanize those still wallowing in desperate illness. The only hope lies in the DNA of a child born miraculously to an ex military man who was a survivor of the illness!

The Why: The requested $5,000 is all going toward paying Dan MacKinnon for his pencils. This is only half of what Dan would usually accept, so it’s quite a steal!

The Rewards: PDFs, printed copies, original art, and the opportunity to get your likeness drawn into the series! What comic book fan wouldn’t want their mug to live on in graphic form?

The How: If this project sounds like your thing then visit The Merciful Kickstarter page and pledge what you can by clicking the reward of your choosing in the right column of the page! The project is currently needing a little over $2,100 to make it. If it isn’t funded you aren’t charged a dime. To keep up with this projects progress, follow @TheMercifulBook, Adam Jack (@mradamjack), and Dan MacKinnon (@OgokisForge) on Twitter. Pledge away folks!

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