Crowd Funding Flash: The Power Principle
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kickstarter-logoCreator Alan White first got his idea for The Power Principle in 1982 while he was studying at the late great (passed on just this past weekend) Joe Kubert’s School of Cartoon & Graphic Art. Many years later Alan intends to make this series become a full fledged reality, and an ongoing tale that he plans to carry on for his foreseeable career!

White originally used his little project as a sort of “coping mechanism” to deal with the rigors of life and pressure of performing up against other talented and aspiring creators. He turned the situation on it’s head by giving he and his fellow comic book aspiring colleagues powers of their own! Now, the story picks up thirty years later with a few of the guys living out the American dream with the exception of one of their comrades who died 30 years ago. Check out the informational video from the creator himself for further details!


I personally love the fact that Alan isn’t just repackaging this tale. He’s furthering the story, and making sure everyone who jumps on has access to what came before. Issues #1-3 (Volume 0) are all available for FREE on the Power Principle’s webpage. Make sure you get up to speed before the series begins to release new issues monthly! Don’t forget, before that happens, The Power Principle needs to reach it’s goal of 100% funded!

The Why: The money raised for this project will go toward the production of the first eight issues of the series, incentives, and postage and fees. Additional funds will be used for 2nd printings and an eventual trade paperback collecting all eight issues in color! If any more is raised over that it will all go toward future stories!

The Rewards: Along with the usual reward of issues in PDF and signed physical copies, this project is offering to put your likeness (or someone you’d like to honor) in future stories for $100! If you’re into that, that’s honestly the cheapest I’ve seen anyone offer that type of incentive, so go get it! You can also grab original art for the new series AND/OR pages from issues 2-3 from Volume 0 of the 1989 series, never before printed! You would have the ONLY existing copy, pretty neat!

The How: You may be getting tired of hearing this, but making a pledge is seriously a piece of cake (mmm…cake). Just hop on over to The Power Principle Kickstarter page and click the reward you like! After that make sure to tell all of your friends about it to make sure the project reaches it’s goal! If it doesn’t, nothing happens and your pledge is refunded back to your credit card. Also, make sure you follow Alan White on Twitter (@NewMutant) to keep up with the project’s progress!

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