Crowd Funding Flash: The Time of Reflection
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kickstarter-logoThis 2012 London Comic-Con’s Eagle Award/MCM Expo Award for New Visionaries winner has garnered the attention of my crowd funding gaze this week! The Time of Reflection is a fantasy short written by Alex Wilson with art by Silvio both of whom have done work for Image Comic’s Outlaw Territory series.

Time of Reflection is a “dark fantasy short story…that crosses the tale of Snow White with the cross-cultural Trickster myth.” Although this book has received high praise it hasn’t had the opportunity to go beyond test printing. In an effort to distribute the story to a larger audience, this creative duo is using Kickstarter to bring it the attention it deserves! Hear more about it from Alex Wilson himself in the video below!


What’s the Money for? The original goal of $450 is very conservative, and was easily met within a few days of the start of the campaign. Those costs will go directly to postage and printing fees. Beyond that, extra money will be used for additional awards that come out of reaching stretch goals as well as curbing any out-of-pocket costs that would have come with printing the booklet and the limited edition book!

The Rewards: One of the more brilliant rewards I’ve seen in a Kickstarter project will only cost you three bucks! This will get you a signed physical issue, digital file, and an additional copy sent to the Local Comic Shop of your choice. Not only does this help spread the word about The Time of Reflection, but you get to return the love your LCS shows you! Also available are prints, stickers, sketches, singing (yup!), cookies (not kidding!), a puzzle (still true!), and a starring role in a future book! On the lower end, the other selling point is the only available through this Kickstarter Limited Edition of the book, which includes unlettered pages, layouts, character designs, and full script for $20!

Sign Me Up! Pay the Time of Reflection Kickstarter page a visit and click the pledge of your choice in the righthand column. This project has met it’s goal, so you don’t have to stress over whether or not it will make it! Just make sure you pay the project page a visit before Tuesday, October 23, 2012 or you (and your LCS!) will miss out! If you’re interested in more info on Alex Wilson then visit his website or follow him on Twitter (@alexotica). See more of Silvio’s work on his Deviant Art page.

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