Crowd Funding Flash: The Wardenclyffe Horror
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kickstarter-logoIt’s the Halloween Edition of Crowd Funding Flash, so I’m introducing you to the historical horror themed graphic novel, The Wardenclyffe Horror! The story was created by Christopher Avery and David Winchester with art by Robert Rath, and stars Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain, an unlikely duo who team up to explore what happens when fringe science goes horribly wrong! The book is 92 pages done in black and white, purposely chosen to suit the content of the story. Take a gander at the project video below to get a quick introduction and a peak at some of the artwork!

What’s the Money for? The story has already been written. All that’s left is to gather the funds necessary to pay for the art to be finished. If the original goal is met, stretch goals to add a limited-edition bookplate, two-color printing, and a raise for the artist are planned as well!

The Rewards: If you’re watching what you spend, then you probably want to grab the $10 pledge to get a digital copy of the book when it’s done. For those who want to hold a copy in their hands, then you’ll want to raise that up to $24. Fans of the Twain and Tesla portraits can get one of those for another six dollars. If you’d like to spend the big bucks then you might look at getting an autographed edition, employing the writers to help you with your own comic book, or even a self portrait!

Sign Me Up! Check out the Wardenclyffe Horror Kickstarter page to get a closer look at the preview art and make a pledge. Don’t dwell on your decision too long because project ends on November 15, 2012! If you’d like to keep up with news on this project, follow the team on Twitter (@caffeineforge). Have a Happy Halloween!!

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