Crowd Funding Flash: Totally Messed Up
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kickstarter-logoWith elements like monsters, aliens, and a controlling girlfriend who forces her boyfriend to diet, Totally Messed Up brings the genres of sci-fi, horror, and comedy together! With a cadre like that, the book promises to live up to its name with an uppercut of fun to the face. The company behind this Kickstarter project, Fantom Zero Media Group, is comprised of creators Haru Ruben, Brandon Bevar, and Pancho Urias. These three friends spawned the idea for the book from casual stories they would make up when hanging out after work. After two years of pre-production, these guys are ready to make it happen with a little crowd funding help!

Totally Messed Up follows two friends who work for a mysterious man in a fedora that sends them on missions involving the paranormal and beyond! Like bounty hunting aliens with futuristic battle suits? You got it. How about a Norwegian zombie magician? Check! Creepy Box of Tortured Souls? Why not?! Have a listen to the project video for more details about the book and it’s unique set of characters!


If you like self contained stories that don’t drag on endlessly or something you can enjoy without research, Totally Messed Up promises just that. Its self described as similar to “a TV show with a larger plot, but episodes with satisfying conclusions…like the X-Files and The Office had a love child.” Now, who wouldn’t want to see the humorously repulsive alien spawn of Steve Carell and Dana Scully?

What’s the Money for? Most of the artwork is ready to go as well as the prototypes for special edition book covers and Art Toys (more about those below). All they need now are the funds to bring it to print and produce the unique incentives! So far the series has been a labor of love, and now the Fantom Zero Media Group is prepared to share with fans. Still, nothing happens until the funding goal is met!

The Rewards: This project is loaded with one of a kind incentives! Aside from getting the basic version of the book in print, you can up the ante by giving more for a set of three AMAZING book covers; Alien Hunter, Tortured Souls, or Midnight Edition! Other rewards include three Art Toys with the figures of the two heroes and the Alien Hunter, perfect items to display on your desk at work! Also available are these nifty looking pins…can it get any cooler?! Strapped for cash, but want in on this book? Five dollars gets you the Director’s Cut eBook of the graphic novel that includes 100 additional story pages as well as concept art and behind the scenes information. Yeah, that’s no joke! I was also given a heads up about a special “casting” for henchmen ($30) and zombies ($15) starting at midnight on the 31st of August!

Sign Me Up! Take a stroll over to the Totally Messed Up Kickstarter page to choose your reward. Just simply click the box with the pledge amount you’re interested in, and follow the payment instructions. Your credit card is ONLY charged if the project reaches it’s goal! While you’re at it, consider following Haru Ruben on Twitter (@HaruRuben) or Facebook so you can keep up with the updates! Don’t wait to jump on board, this project ends September 18, 2012!

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