Crowd Funding Flash: Transreality
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kickstarter-logo“What makes us human? Our body? Our mind? Our experiences?” These philosophical questions are explored in Transreality, our Kickstarter feature this week by series writer and artist Christopher Lackey! In the Transreality universe every mind is a digital program that can be copied, saved, and reprogrammed. The series follows James Watson, a man who is exploring this vast opportunistic world around him after involuntarily being pulled into this futuristic setting from the year 2013.

Aside from his work in the comic book medium, Lackey is an American who has worked as a filmmaker and animator for the last 15 years, currently living in Yorkshire, England. He is also the co-host and co-producer of the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. Recently he co-wrote another graphic novel called Deadbeats that will release this Fall. Christopher became involved with Transreality based on his love of the genre, and the absence of comics that really dive into the subject matter. Give a listen to Lackey’s incredible pitch from the future for this unique and thought provoking 128 page graphic novel!


Did you watch the video? Tickles the fancy a bit, doesn’t it? This project has my interest peaked to the max! Whether you’re a fan of alt-reality stories or not, Transreality should definitely perk your interest at the very least. After all, there’s gorillas with pink fur for crying out loud!

The Why: So far, only 20 pages of the story are in existence. To complete the remaining 108 pages, your help is needed! Time is precious and resources are limited. To get Transreality off the ground, money is needed for production and eventually printing of the book. Otherwise, Lackey would shrivel into non-existence, and we’d have to wait for technology to advance to the point where his consciousness could be recaptured to finish it. We can’t wait that long!

The Rewards: If infinite recognition is your thing, you can give $5 to have your name credited in the book itself! To get more bang for your buck, up that donation to a total of $26 (outside of the UK), and you can have a signed and numbered physical copy! Bigger contributions can nab you a name drop (possibly as an expletive even!) within the story, cameo appearances, original artwork, and even a starring role in the book!

The How: It’s easy peasy folks! Visit the Transreality Kickstarter page and choose the reward you want in the right column. Your contribution will not be docked from your bank account until the project reaches it’s goal. Otherwise, you are re-credited the money and life goes on…with much lament. You only have until September 26, 2012 to get on board, so don’t hesitate! Follow Christopher Lackey on Twitter (@mrchrislackey) to get frequent updates on the project’s progress and visit his website to learn more about his other work!

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