Crowd Funding Flash: Wild Blue Yonder
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kickstarter-logoDo you dig post-apocalyptic settings and World War II styled fighter planes? Well, your week has just been made! Today we are giving the spotlight to the Wild Blue Yonder, a story about a teenage girl fighter pilot named Cola, who strives to protect The Dawn, her solar powered flying fortress and home. Take a look at the intense project video for the Wild Blue Yonder by creators Mike Raicht, Austin Harrison, and artist Zach Howard!


Wild Blue Yonder promises elaborate ships, jet-packs, planes, and a society tearing each other apart to get a piece of what’s left in a world devastated by chaos. All this will be packed into a neat five issue, full color, limited series projected to launch in 2013!

The Why: As with any great graphic story, a talented artist is needed for ultimate success. Mike Raicht and Austin Harrison allow for no artistic deficiency by bringing the Eisner nominated Zach Howard onto the project. If you have skill like Howard has, then you know that drawing five issues is no rush job. He will need the funds gathered from this Kickstarter project to pay his bills while drawing the book!

The Rewards: I love it when a project offers a wide range of rewards, and this one does just that! Five smackers gets you a PDF of issue one of Wild Blue Yonder a week before the first issue ships! Another $10 will get you a physical copy of the book signed by Zach and Mike. You can even get the ENTIRE series in PDF for a measly $20! Other sweet rewards include signed copies of Mike Raicht’s other work (Stuff of Legend, The Pack), limited editions of issue one, physical copies of the entire series, a water color sketch, script and portfolio review, and more!

The How: Just a simple click will take you to the Wild Blue Yonder Kickstarter page, where you can choose the reward of your liking in the right hand column. It’s that easy! Follow Mike Raicht (@MikeRaicht) on Twitter to keep up to date as the project nears it’s completion! They still need a little over $3,000 to make this a success in just under 9 days. Make your pledge today to get this series “off the ground” (I couldn’t help myself)!

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